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Name Faculty Level/ Title Primary Dept Highest Degree(s) Research/ Interests Other Information
Louise Ammentorp Assist. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., Rutgers University Best practices in teacher preparation; Developing field-based collaboration skills in pre-service teachers; Teaching and learning through the arts; Facilitating the development of life-long learners; Teaching for social justice
Helene Anthony Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Michigan State University Literacy instruction; strategies for effective inclusion of students with disabilities Serves as Undergraduate Co-Coordinator. Received a Key Award from the Trenton Public Education Foundation for implementing an after-school tutoring program at Stokes Elementary School with TCNJ special education majors serving as tutors
Marissa Bellino Assist. Ed Admin Sec Education
James Beyers Assist. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., University of Delaware Teacher Candidates Mathematical Dispositions; How Teacher Candidates’ Mathematical Dispositions are Related to Learning Mathematics; How Teacher Candidates’ Mathematical Dispositions are Related to Teaching Mathematics Serves as Co-Director of the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship program at TCNJ.
Greer Burroughts Assist. Elementary Early Childhoo Ed.D., Rutgers Graduate School of Education Research interests include: Education for democratic citizenship, Performance-based assessment, Literacy infusion in social studies, Peace education, and Best practices in teacher education. Professional affiliations include: National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA), Human Rights Educators (HRE USA NJ), Collegiate Alliance for Social Education (CASE)
David Bwire Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Ohio State University Research interests include: Transcultural literacy practices; digital literacies and multimodal pedagogy in K-12 classrooms; new literacy studies; discourse analysis; ethnography of communication and qualitative research methods Articles published in Journal of Transformative Education, Bread Loaf Teacher Network Journal, and African Journal of Teacher Education; Book reviews published in Journal of Language, Identity and Education, Journal of Social Sciences Research
Stuart Carroll Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., Syracuse U Inclusion in post-secondary education; Pre-service teacher literacy and world knowledge; Elementary teacher education; International education
Maureen Connolly Assist. Ed Admin Sec Education Ed.D. Instr. Ldrshp, St. John's U. Service learning, literacy standards and assessment, and mentoring. Serves as the interim MAT Coordinator.
Anthony Conte Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ed.D., Penn State Systemic initiatives addressing the integration of Mathematics, Science & Technology in the elementary classroom; Urban education with a concentration on narrowing the achievement gap among students; Global teacher preparation opportunities for pre-service He coordinates student teaching for undergraduates and graduates. He supervises Global Student Teachers in Manchester, England; Botswana, Africa; Zagreb, Croatia; Trieste, Italy; Udine, Italy; Paris, France; and Zurich, Switzerland.
Jonathan David Assist. Ed Admin Sec Education
Jonathan Davis Ed Admin Sec Education
Tabitha Dell-Angelo Assist. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., U Penn Social Justice in the Classroom; Cultural Identity Development; Teacher Research; Improvisational Acting/Theatre of the Oppressed; Yoga 4 Classrooms She serves as the Urban Education Coordinator
Jody Eberly Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ed.D., Rutgers Teacher Dispositions Toward Diversity; Culturally Responsive Home-School Relationships; Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education
Sandy Gibson Assoc. Counselor Education Ph.D. - U. of Maryland Substance abuse, addiction, and criminal offender behaviors, Counseling women, Group counseling strategies, Youth-based prevention services, Program development, research and evaluation She serves as the Clinical Coordinator.
Brian Girard Assoc. Ed Admin Sec Education Ph.D. Ed Fdns & Policy, U. of Michigan Social studies and history teaching and teacher education; decision-making and planning in world history classrooms; disciplinary literacy in history; classroom community development; multicultural teaching practices. Serves as a Secondary Education Coordinator (undergraduate).
Karen Gordon Assist. Ed Admin Sec Education Teachers College, Columbia University – Doctoral Studies, Educating Professions
Yale University – M.Ph., Health Administration and Health Education
Academic interests include the intersection and impact of health and academic experiences for adolescents and young adults, professional preparation, multicultural teaching and learning environments. In addition to teaching a variety of courses in the EASE department, she teaches in the TCNJ graduate global programs in Bangkok and Caracas , as well as a course in comparative public health in the TCNJ Department of Sociology and Anthropology.
Karen Gordon Assist. Ed Admin Sec Education Doctoral Studies, Teachers College of Columbia U; MPH, Yale U. The intersection and impact of health and academic experiences for adolescents and young adults, professional preparation, multicultural teaching and learning environments Part-time faculty member. In addition to teaching a variety of courses in the EASE department, she teaches in the TCNJ graduate global programs in Bangkok and Caracas , as well as a course in comparative public health in the TCNJ Department of Sociology
Colette Gosselin Ed Admin Sec Education Ed.D., Philosophical Fdns of Ed, Rutgers U. Serves as a Secondary Education Coordinator (undergraduate).
Matthew Hall Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., New York University Multimodal composing practices; creativity in literacy practices; new and digital literacies in K-12 classrooms He serves as the Reading Coordiantor. He has had articles published in The Reading Teacher and Literacy; Conference presentations at the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the International Reading Association (IRA)
Eileen Heddy Instr. Elementary Early Childhood M.A., Rutgers
Blythe Hinitz Prof. Elementary Early Childhood Doctorate, Temple University History of Education/ History of Early Childhood Education; Anti-HIBT [Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying and Teasing]; Peace Education; Holocaust Education; Social Studies Education; Multicultural/ Tolerance Education She was identified as a Distinguished Professor,
Arti Joshi Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., Syracuse U Working with Asian Indian families /teachers; Home-school relations; Cultural diversity in the context of school settings (pre-K- Elementary); Multiculturalism in the context of teacher preparation; Partnership with Professional Development Schools
MinSoo Kin-Bossard Assist. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D. Penn State, Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood Education, Comparative and International Education Research combines the fields of educational anthropology, reconceptualist scholarship in early childhood education, and studio-based pedagogical practices borrowed from art education. Professional Affiliations: Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education, American Educational Research Association, American Anthropological Association, Comparative and International Education Society
Donald Leake Ed Admin Sec Education Ph.D., Ed Ldrshp, Ohio State U. Teacher/principal evaluation, effective urban schools, organizational change Serves as the Coordinator for Educational Leadership.
Brenda Leake Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., Ohio State University Social justice and empowerment through education; policits of schooling and education; urban education and national & global contexts; empowerment of teachers and learners She coordinates the Masters of Arts in Elementary Teaching program, and the TCNJ-Johannesburg, South Africa Graduate programs.
Solange Lopes-Murphy Assoc. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D. Cultural competence, designing educational experiences that develop cultural competence, and best practices in preparing teachers to teach second language learners She spent two months in China in 2010 on a Fulbright-Hays Summer Program; presented papers at conferences in Argentina, Brazil, England, Mexico, Chile, and Peru, and has developed intercultural practicum and instructional experiences for college students
Lauren Madden Assist. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., North Carolina State U Using interactive science notebooks; benefits of scientist-educator collaboration; pre-service teachers' perspectives on the importance of STEM education; effective pairing of pre-service teachers in field placements
Linda Mayger Assist. Ed Admin Sec Education Ed. D., Leigh University school leadership, school law and policy, social capital, systems of thinking
Alex Pan Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D. U of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana Teacher development and supervision; the effects of globalization; multicultural awareness; emotional intelligence; critical thinking vs. creative thinking; comparative studies of the eastern and western cultures; global education
Anne Peel Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ed.D., Rutgers U Understanding writing engagement and disengagement among adolescent students; how engagement influences learning outcomes She holds certification in Secondary English; taught English for 14 years
Jerry Petroff Prof. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Temple U Supporting individuals who are deaf:blind; transition to post:secondary life for students with severe disabilities; early communication and family life of students with complex sensory disabilities Has co-authored (with A. Dell & D. Newton), Assistive Technology in the Classroom: Enhancing the School Experiences of Students with Disabilities – 2ndEdition (2012), Pearson. Director, Center on Complex Sensory Disabilities
Melanie Phillips Assist. P-T Special Education/Lang/Lit
Shridevi Rao Assoc. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Syracuse U Cultural constructions of disability, inclusive education, positive behavior supports; teacher candidate resistance to dominant constructions of disability She has conducted several ethnographic studies and authored articles on families’, teachers’, and teacher candidates’ constructions of disability; has had articles published in International Journal of Inclusive Education and Disability and Society
Stuart Roe Assist. Counselor Education Ph.D. - Penn State U. Supervision and evaluation of school counselors, providing social support for gay, lesbian and bisexual students, the experiences of English language learners in public school settings He serves as the School Counseling Program Coordinator.He has a variety of experiences within educational settings including teaching at the college level, teaching in high schools, administering a family literacy program, teaching GED classes
Jill Schwarz Assist. Counselor Education Ph.D. - Montclair State U. Gender Issues in Counseling, Spirituality in Counseling, Animal-assisted Therapy, School Counseling Preparation and Practice She has certification as an elementary school teacher and school counselor. She is the director of School Counseling Services in New Jersey, and is a National Certified Counselor.
Atsuko Seto Assoc. Counselor Education Ph.D. - U. of Wyoming Creativity in counseling and counselor preparation, counseling with intercultural couples, multiracial children, and immigrant families, fostering resiliency of Asian /Asian American families; resiliency among immigrant families and cross-national couples Her experiences drew her into learning about immigrant families from Asia, particularly assisting them with fostering resiliency to cope with varying degrees of acculturative stressors. The use of creative interventions in counseling is something she enjoys
Lauren Shallish Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Syracuse University, Cultural Foundations of Education; M.S. and C.A.S., Syracuse University, Disability Studies Disability studies; diversity work; higher education; qualitative research methods; social justice education Shallish is currently a diversity scholar for the National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID). Her work has appeared in Disability Studies Quarterly, the IGI Global Handbook of Research on Study Abroad Programs, Equity and Excellence in Education
Lisa Silver Assist. Elementary Early Childhood
Steven Singer Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Syracuse University Research interests include: Deaf studies, Deaf education, disability studies, transition to adulthood, qualitative research methods, and disability identity development. Steve is a Teacher of the Deaf and a Family and Consumer Sciences Educator. Steve has worked as a qualitative research assistant at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, an assistant at the New York parent advocacy center
Lynn Smith Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., City University of NY Speech perception of children who are hard of hearing, specifically the segments of speech signals that are particularly difficult for these children to perceive She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology from the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association; worked as an otolaryngologist in private practice as well as in a hospital setting; served as chair of TCNJ’s Institutional Review Board
Jean Wong Assoc. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., UCLA How conversation analysis (CA) may be used as a resource for understanding language-in-use particularly in first and second language interaction; the intersection between CA and second language pedagogy, which includes raising second/foreign language teachers She has co-authored (with Dr. Hansun Waring) a book
Mark Woodford Prof. Counselor Education Ph.D. - U. of Virginia Home-based family services, Adolescent and young adult substance abuse prevention and early intervention, Recovering college students, Male-specific substance abuse and addiction counseling; substance abuse and family counseling He is the Family Program Coordinator. He is a licensed professional counselor, a master addiction counselor, and a national certified counselor, and has worked in community-, family-, and school-based prevention and early intervention programs
Yiqiang Wu Assoc. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Texas A&M University Trouble spots in second language learning; vocabulary building techniques; and learning efficiency He serves as the TESL Coordinator.
Ambrose Adegbege Assist. Electrical Computer Ph.D., U. of Manchester Constrained control, robust control, antiwindup design and control optimization
Nabil Al-Omaishi Assoc. Civil Ph.D., U. of Nebraska, Lincoln Structural engineering
Andrew Bechtel Assist. Civil Ph.D., Georgia Inst. of Technology Engineering mechanics, structural engineering
Thomas Brennan Assist. Civil Ph.D., Purdue U. Transportation engineering
Brett BuSha Assoc. Biomedical Ph.D., Rutgers U. & UMDNJ Control of the respiratory and cardiovascular function, stochastic models of respiratory function, fractal and wavelet analysis of physiological signals, and the design, development and production of technologies that assist or enhance human performance Prior to his appointment at TCNJ, he gained practical business and design experience as a biomedical engineer. Following his postdoctoral fellowship he worked for: a venture capital-funded company that developed computational models of protein pathways
Matthew Cathell Assist. Tech Studies Ph.D., Material Science & Eng., Drexel U. Material Engineering, Natural Polymers, Nanofibrous Materials, and Heavy Metal Remediation He is experienced in teaching STEM at the K-12 levels. Cathell was both an active mentor and teacher at Drexel University winning the Drexel U. Teaching Assistant Excellence Award in 2005. He is a member of the American Chemical Society
Anthony Deese Assist. Electrical Computer Ph.D., Drexel U. Power systems and renewable energy Before joining TCNJ, he spent two years as a postdoctoral research fellow and adjunct assistant professor at Drexel's Center for Electric Power Engineering (CEPE). He has significant experience teaching undergraduate as well as graduate courses
George Facas Prof. Mechanical Ph.D., Drexel U. Computational modeling of fluid flow, heat transfer, natural convection in cavities, and fluid flow and heat transfer in porous media Following his Ph.D. graduation, he joined the General Electric Co, Astro-Space Division in West Windsor NJ as a member of the technical staff where he worked on many classified projects.
Manuel Figueroa Assist. Tech Studies Ph.D., Biomedical Eng., Drexel U. Engineering education. Nanoscience, specifically developing Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) nanoparticle substrates for detection of biological molecules.
Lisa Grega Assoc. Mechanical Ph.D., Rutgers U. Experimental fluid mechanics, turbulent flows
Connie Hall Assoc. Biomedical Ph.D., U. of Memphis The importance of fluid dynamics and mass transport in the modulation of thrombosis has been studied by biomedical engineers, hematologists and basic scientists since the early 1970s. My research builds on the extensive body of knowledge in the area.
Orlando Hernandez Assoc. Electrical Computer Ph.D., Southern Methodist U. Image processing, computer vision, computer and VLSI architectures, and digital signal processing He has experience with certifications and reviews of academic programs at a national and international levels; curriculum development; with academic leadership. He has served as a Certified ABET Program Evaluator for the Engineering Accreditation Commission
Mike Horst Assoc. Civil Ph.D. Penn State U. Water resources, hydrology, environmental engineering; applied water resources engineering. Specifically my focus is on open channel flow hydraulics (bridge and culvert analysis, bridge scour, and sediment transport), storm water management Serves as the faculty advisor to the TCNJ Humanitarian Engineering student group (formerly, Engineers without Borders). Wide range of personal interests in music, martial arts, philosophy, chess, poker, etc.
Tanner Huffman Assist. Tech Studies Ph.D., Purdue University Tech Education
Allen Katz Prof. Electrical Computer D.Sc., NJIT Communications Systems, Electromagnetics, RF and Microwave, Millimeter-waves and Photonics with focus on distortion reduction of power amplifiers He provides engineering consulting services to a number of companies primarily in support of the development of microwave and satellite communications hardware. He is a Fellow of IEEE.
Seung-yun Kim Assist. Electrical Computer Ph.D., U. of Dayton Collaborative and human centerd computing and Petri-net modeling and simulation He serves as the First-Year Coordinator for the School of Engineering and the Director of the Collaborative Robotics and Intelligence Systems (CRoIS) Lab.
Vedrana Krstic Assoc. Civil Ph.D., Rutgers U. Geotechnical engineering, civil engineering materials; durability of reinforced concrete structures and application of non-destructive testing in geotechnical engineering, with particular emphasis on the application of SASW (Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves) Courses in consideration: pavement engineering.
Anthony Lau Assist. Biomedical Ph.D., U of Virginia Musculoskeletal and Injury Biomechanics Using a Multi-length Scale Approach Involving Biomechanical Experimentation, Quantitative Medical Image Processing, and Computational Modeling
Steve O'Brien Assoc. Tech Studies Ph.D., Electrical Eng., Cornell U. Efficacy of TCNJ’s unique elementary education Math/Science/Technology (M/S/T) program. The M/S/T program is a comprehensive integrative-STEM teacher preparation program, started in 1998 at TCNJ His career in industry included positions at AT&T Bell Laboratories, SDL, Inc., Lucent Technologies and T-Networks, a company he co-founded in 2000. His work in industry was primarily in the area of optoelectronic devices, specializing in high power
Manish Paliwal Assoc. Mechanical Ph.D., Southern Illinois U. at Carbondale Biomechanics, engineering mechanics
Larry Pearlstein Assoc. Electrical Computer Ph.D., Princeton U. Digital television, video processing, video compression, digital chip design, deep learning, and convolutional neural networks Served as the Chairman of the ATSC Video Specialists Group that created the standard adopted by the FCC for digital television in the US. Involved in two startups, including as VP Engineering for BioAutomation, which developed technology for DNA sequencing.
Bijan Sepahpour Prof. Mechanical Degree of Engineer, NJIT Mechanisms, mechanical design
Ching-Tai Shih Assist. Mechanical Ph.D., U. of Texas at Arlington Operations Research
Christopher Wagner Assoc. Biomedical Ph.D., Rice U. Tissue Engineering, Extracellular Matrix Biomaterials, Medical Device Design
Yunfeng (Jennifer) Wang Prof. Mechanical Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U. Advanced manufacturing, robotics
Xuefeng Wei Assist. Biomedical Ph.D., Duke U. Neural Engineering, Neural Prosthetics, Computational Neuroscience
Karen Chang Yan Assoc. Mechanical Ph.D., Drexel U. Biomaterials, engineering materials
Zakiya Adair Assist. Women Gender Studies Ph.D. in Women’s Studies, University of Washington in Seattle Her areas of specialization are transnational women’s cultural history, African American history and black internationalism with specific focus on early trans-Atlantic expressive culture. She is the recipient of many fellowships; most recently, Dr. Adair was a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Scholar in Residence at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture 2013. Currently she is working on completing her first book
Rachel Adler Assoc. Sociology Anthropology Ph.D. - Anthropology, Arizona State U. Latino Immigration to the US, Mexican Ethnography, Urban Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Public Health Nursing, Cultural Competency in Nursing Practice, Psychiatric/Emergency Department Nursing She holds a RN degree in addition to her Ph.D. in Anthropology.
Mekala Audain Assist. History Ph.D., Rutgers University-New Brunswick Her research interests center on slavery, fugitive slaves, black emigration, and free and enslaved African Americans on the U.S.-Mexico border. She is working on articles about fugitive slaves in northwestern Louisiana and eastern Texas and is currently completely her book manuscript, Mexican Canaan: The Southern Underground Railroad to Spanish Texas and Northeastern Mexico, 1804-1867.
Jessica Barnack-Tavlaris Assist. Psychology Ph.D. – U. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; MPH – San Diego State U. Reproductive and Sexual Health; Health Disparities; Cancer Prevention; Health-related Stigma and Coping Directs the Reproductive and Sexual Health Lab.
Diane Bates Assoc. Sociology Anthropology Ph.D. - Rutgers University Environmental sociology with dual research projects centered on development in Latin America and in New Jersey She has published multiple articles that document the social impacts of environmental change in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and on environmental controversies in New Jersey.
Jared Beatrice Assist. Sociology Anthropology PhD, Michigan State University Research Interests: Paleopathology, Physiological stress and the skeleton, Social inequality and health, Undocumented migration and health, Nutrition, Mortuary practice. His research interests focus on reconstructing health status and living conditions Dr. Beatrice is a biological anthropologist specializing in the assessment and interpretation of stress and disease from the human skeleton. He has conducted bioarchaeological fieldwork in Albania, Greece, and, most recently, Italy.
Matt Bender Assoc. History Ph.D. - Johns Hopkins U. Sub-Saharan Africa, Agrarian and Environmental History. Director, Program in International Studies He serves as the Director of Program in International Studies and the International Studies Core Committee.
Juda Charles Bennett Assoc. English Ph.D., Washington U. in St. Louis Race and sexuality He is the author of Toni Morrison and the Queer Pleasure of Ghosts (SUNY, 2014) and The Passing Figure: Racial Confusion in Modern American Literature (Peter Lang, 1998).
Tamra Bireta Assoc. Psychology Ph. D. – Purdue University Memorability of different types of information; Age-related differences in patterns of memory performance Directs the Memory and Aging Lab.
David Blake Prof. English Ph.D. -Washington U. in St. Louis 19th and 20th century U.S. literature, creative nonfiction He is the author of Walt Whitman and the Culture of American Celebrity (Yale) and Liking Ike: Eisenhower, Advertising, and the Rise of Celebrity Politics (Oxford), the winner of the 2017 PROSE Award for the year's best book in Media & Cultural Studies.
Ashley Borders Assoc. Psychology Ph.D. – U. of Southern California The causes and consequences of rumination; Anger, hostility, and aggressive behavior; Mindfulness and meditation Directs the Clinical Outcomes and Processes (COP) Lab. This lab is dedicated to studying cognitive processes that are associated with clinical outcomes.
Elizabeth Borland Assoc. Sociology Anthropology Ph.D. - Sociology, U. of Arizona Gender, Organizations (particularly non-profit groups), Social Movements (particularly women’s movements in Latin America), Applied Sociology, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; social movements, particularly the women’s movement in Argentina She recently published an article written in collaboration with Barbara Sutton (SUNY-Albany) in Feminist Studies on trends in Argentina’s movement for reproductive rights (2013). She co-authored work on women’s mobilization in Gender & Society. 
Dan Bowen Assist. Political Science Ph.D. in Political Science, U. of Iowa American politics and research methodology Substantively, his work uses variation in citizen opinions and behavior to evaluate political institutions, institutional performance, and political processes, with a focus on U.S. legislative institutions.
Winnifred Brown-Glaude Assoc. African American Studies Ph.D., Temple University Primary fields of research include, Race and Ethnicity in the Anglophone-Caribbean; Race, Gender and Informal Economies; Gender and Globalization. Her most recent book is Higgler’s in Kingston: Women’s Informal Work in Jamaica (Vanderbilt University Press, 2011). Her other publications include several articles and an edited collection, Doing Diversity in Higher Education: Faculty Leaders Share Chall
Jo Carney Prof. English Ph.D. – University of Iowa Shakespeare, Early Modern Literature and History, the Literary Fairy Tale
Sarah Chartock Assist. Political Science Ph.D. – Princeton University Comparative Politics with a focus on Latin American politics, race and ethnic politics, political institutions and social movements Her Ph.D. dissertation is entitled Ethnodevelopment in Latin America: Political Competition and the Making of Ethnically-Targeted Participatory Policy in Ecuador, Peru and Guatemala: 1985-2005
Celia Chazelle Prof. History Ph.D. – Yale University Prison outreach She is co-director of the Institute for Prison Teaching and Outreach.
He Len Chung Assoc. Psychology Ph.D. – Temple University Positive Youth Development; Resilience During the Transition to Adulthood; Community-Based Research Directs the Research on Emerging Adulthood and Community Health (REACH) Lab.
Tim Clydesdale Prof. Sociology Anthropology Ph.D., - Sociology, Princeton U. Religious Life & American Higher Education, Young Adults & American Culture
Deborah Compte Prof. World Languages Culture Ph.D., Princeton U Spanish Golden Age Literature
Jarret Crawford Assoc. Psychology Ph.D. – Rutgers University Political attitudes; political judgment and decision-making Directs the Political Psychology Lab.
Jason Dahling Assoc. Psychology Ph.D. – University of Akron Emotional Labor in customer service settings; Feedback and performance appraisal; Deviance from organizational rules Serves as Industrial/Organization (I/O) Coordinator, and Director of the Organizational Psychology Lab.
Holly Didi-Ogren Assist. Sociology Anthropology Ph.D., U of Texas at Austin Interactional sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, language and power, gender and language, Japan; pragmatics in foreign-language teaching Coordinates the Japanese language program.
Tao Dumas Assist. Political Science Ph.D. – Louisiana State University Her research primarily focuses on the role of institutions and contextual factors in shaping litigation outcomes in U.S. state trial and appellate courts.
Alvin Joaquin Figueroa Assoc. World Languages Culture Ph.D., CUNY Graduate Center Spanish-American Contemporary Literature, Caribbean Studies, LGBTQ Studies, Masculinities, Quaker Studies, Religion and Christian Spirituality He is the author of two books on contemporary Puerto Rican authors Luis Rafael Sanchez and Clemente Soto Velez.
Christopher Fisher Assoc. History Ph.D., Rutgers U 20th-Century American diplomacy, the Cold War, and Race Politics in the United States
Leigh-Anne Francis Assist. Women Gender Studies Ph.D. in United States and African American History Her unpublished book manuscript, “Bad Girls: Race, Crime, and Punishment in New York State, 1893—1916,” analyzes the intersections of gender, race and class by exploring crime and punishment, labor and community, through the lens of black women’s experience
Ellen Friedman Prof. English Ph.D., New York U Modern American Literature, Gender and Literature, Literary Theory, Representations of the Holocaust Her books include Joyce Carol Oates, Breaking the Sequence: Women’s Experimental Fiction, and  Morality USA. She has published articles in such journals as Ms. Magazine, PMLA, Modern Fiction Studies and given talks nationally and internationally. 
Luis Gabriel-Stheeman Assoc. World Languages Culture Ph.D. – University of Cincinnati Research interests:
Research interests: Hispanic Language Ideologies, Politics of Language in the Hispanic World, Discourse Analysis.
Lynn Gazley Assist. Sociology Anthropology Ph.D., MPH, Northwestern Public Health, Medical Sociology; diversity, globalization, and the life sciences; how non-traditional scientists participate in contemporary life sciences and medical research, and how these processes shape medical knowledge In her current project, she collaborates with the Scientific Careers Research and Development Group at Northwestern University on the National Longitudinal Study of Young Life Scientists which follows a diverse group of graduate students
Joseph Goebel Assoc. World Languages Culture Ph.D. - Georgetown University Applied Linguistics, Teacher Preparation, Teacher Professional Development; SLA theories and their implications for the classroom He has been recognized with teaching awards from TCNJ and Temple University. He has published articles on language teaching in Japanese Language and Literature, The Foreign Language Annals and The Journal of Graduate Teaching Assistant Development.
Jean Graham Prof. English Ph.D., Case Western Reserve U Early Modern Literature and History, Milton, Metaphysical Poetry She has published articles on seventeenth-century poetry, drama, and prose, and is currently translating Spenser’s The Faerie Queene into modern English.
James Graham Prof. Psychology Ph.D. – University of Memphis Empathy and prosocial behavior in peer relationships; School/Community-based research partnerships; Program evaluation Directs the Children's Social Development Lab.
Janet Gray Women Gender Studies Ph.D., Princeton U Feminist Theories, Global Women Writers, Global Feminisms, Politics of Sexuality, Feminism in the Workplace and Gender and Democracy
Lisa Grimm Assoc. Psychology Ph.D. – The University of Texas at Austin Motivation, stereotypes, and individual differences; Procedural learning, such as required in golf putting; Standardized testing; Explicit and implicit learning systems Directs the Motivational, Individual Differences & Stereotypes in Cognition Lab
Jo-Ann Gross Prof. History Ph.D. – New York University Middle Eastern and Central Eurasian History, Sufism She looks for funding also for Student costs for summer service internships in the Middle East, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, or other Muslim countries, and Historical preservation of Tajikistan manuscripts, the purchase of equipment to do this work.
Holly Haynes Assoc. Philosophy Religion
Joanna Herres Assist. Psychology Ph.D., University of Delaware Research interests include: child and adolescent depression and anxiety, coping, and emotional reactivity.
Arthur Hohmuth Prof. Psychology Ph.D. – U. of Delaware, General Experimental Psychology Counseling and clinical psychology Serves as Psychology Club co-advisor.
Craig Hollander Assist. History PhD, Johns Hopkins University Early American studies Professor Hollander was the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships during his time in graduate school, including the Alexander Butler Prize, the Hodson Fellowship in the Humanities, a Doris G. Quinn Fellowship, and a Dean’s Teaching Fellowship.
David Holleran Assoc. Criminology Ph.D. in Criminology, U. of Nebraska/Omaha Intersection of race and various criminal justice decision points and, more recently, policy analysis and the geospatial distribution of crime and police services
Mary Lynn Hopps Women Gender Studies M.A., English, TCNJ Director of the Women in Learning and Leadership (W.I.L.L.) Program.
Marimar Huguet-Jerez Assist. World Languages Culture Ph.D., University of Cincinnati Spanish Civil War, its literature and films She has published articles about Spanish Contemporary Theater (Itziar Pascual, Yolanda Pall)
Harriet Hustis Prof. English Ph.D., Brown University Literary theory; British, American, and world literature
Mohamoud Ismail Assist. Sociology Anthropology Ph.D., Wayne State U Islam, Africa, Racism, the American justice system
Cassandra Jackson Prof. English Ph.D., Emory U African-American literature, critical race theory, and visual culture She is the author of Barriers Between Us: Interracial Sex in Nineteenth-Century American Literature (Indiana University Press, 2004)
Richard Kamber Prof. Philosophy Religion Ph.D. - Claremont Graduate School Experimental Philosophy, Aesthetics, Existentialism, Pragmatism, Film, Genocide, Education Policy
Chu Kim-Prieto Assoc. Psychology Ph.D. – University of Illinois Culture and Emotion; Subjective Well-Being; Cultural Psychology Directs the Emotions Lab.
Jean Kirnan Prof. Psychology Ph.D. – Fordham University Using biodata to predict first year college success; Everyday ethical case studies; Development of department assessment tools; Assisting community partners with assessment Directs the Testing and Assessment in Psychology Lab.
Lincoln Konkle Prof. English Ph.D., U of Wisconsin - Madison Thornton Wilder, American Drama, Classical to Contemporary Drama, Bruce Springsteen He currently serves on the board of the Thornton Wilder Society. He also is an officer of the Edward Albee Society, which he co-founded with David Crespy in 2013.
Roman Kovalev Assoc. History Ph.D., U of Minnesota Russia, Eurasia, and Medieval Economic History Co-authored Dirham Hoards from Medieval Western Eurasia. 700-c. 1100 [Commentationes De Nummis Saeculorum IX-XI in Suecia Repertis. Nova series 13] (Stockholm) (in preparation).
John Krimmel Assoc. Criminology Ph.D. in criminal justice - City U. of NY Fostering enhanced family bonding to married inmates maxing out of their prison sentences in New Jersey Prior to academia, he was employed as an analyst and unit chief in the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice. He also served as a police officer in Bristol Township, Pennsylvania.
Pierre Le Morvan Assoc. Philosophy Religion Ph.D., Philosophy, Syracuse U. Epistemology, Philosophy of Perception, Philosophy of Religion, Intentionality, Philosophy of Science, Truth, Animal Consciousness and Animal Ethics
Margaret Leigey Assoc. Criminology Ph.D. in criminology - U. of Delaware Special populations of inmates, including older life-sentenced inmates, female life-sentenced inmates, and juveniles incarcerated in adult facilities Her dissertation at U. of Delaware was awarded the George Herbert Ryden Prize for Best Dissertation in the Social Sciences from the University of Delaware in 2008.
Andrew Leynes Prof. Psychology Ph.D. – University of Georgia Neuroscience; Memory Directs the Event-Related Potentials (ERP) Lab.
Rebecca Li Assoc. Sociology Anthropology Ph.D., Sociology, U. California Territorial disintegration, alternate routes to state breakdown, theories of revolutions within historial sociology
Emilie Lounsberry Assoc. Journalism and Professional Writing M.A. Columbia University Journalism Ethics, Impact of Science on the Law, Criminal Justice Issues She was a longtime staff writer at The Philadelphia Inquirer, where she specialized in writing about the American legal system and covering trials, did investigative projects and wrote about issues in the criminal justice system.
Miriam Lowi Prof. Political Science Ph.D. – Princeton University Middle East Politics and the Comparative Political Economy of Development She has written extensively on conflict over scarce water in the Middle East. Her more recent work focuses on the political economy of development in oil-exporting states of the Middle East and North Africa.
Michael Marino Assoc. History Ph.D. – Columbia University Social Studies, Education, and Modern European History
Margaret Martinetti Assoc. Psychology Ph.D. – Temple University Animal models of alcohol abuse; Quantitative analyses of choice behavior; Behavioral economics of drug abuse; Cross-cultural differences in alcohol consumption Directs the Alcohol Lab.
David Mazeika Assist. Criminology PhD in criminology & criminal justice – U. of Maryland Cost-benefits of alternatives to secure detention, the intersection of crime and place, and advocates more generally for data-driven decision making among juvenile and criminal justice practitioners Served as an advisor to the Cambridge University Police Executive Program at U. of Maryland, training police officers in Jaipur, India on geospatial crime analysis techniques. Prior to joining TCNJ, he served as a research analyst
Robert McGreevey Assoc. History Ph.D. – Brandeis University Modern United State and the World
Mindi MacMann Assist. English Ph.D., U of California at Davis Intersections of literature, politics, ethics, and nationalism, using contemporary British and Anglophone literature as the center point of her work Her work addresses the ways in which literature both shapes and represents shifting national identities in a globalized context based on a range of factors such as race, ethnicity, class, and religion. Her work has appeared in Modern Fiction Studies.
Emily Meixner Assoc. English Ph.D. – U. of Wisconsin-Madison Young Adult Literature, LGBTQ Young Adult Literature, Teacher Identity Development, Reading and Writing Pedagogy She is the Coordinator of English Secondary Education Program. She works regularly in local school districts providing professional development on such topics as reading/writing workshop, reading strategies and close reading, and reading in the content areas.
Jia-Yan Mi Assoc. World Languages Culture Ph. D. English Literature and Cultural Study, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1996
Ph. D. Comparative Literature, Film Studies and Visual Culture, University of California, Davis, 2002
Literature and Chinese Modernity, East-West Comparative Poetics, New Chinese/Asian, Cinema— Visual Culture, Contemporary Chinese Popular Culture, Globalization and Diaspora Culture, Asian American Literature, Critical Theory, 20th Century World Modernism He has published articles in both Chinese and English on visual and cinematic culture, globalization and cultural consumption, and East-West literary, postcolonial and gender politics.
Regina Morin Prof. World Languages Culture Ph.D., Georgetown U Vocabulary acquisition, the teaching of Phonetics, Linguistic borrowing and Spanish/English language contact on the Internet
Annmarie Nicolosi Assoc. Women's & Gender Studies Ph.D., Rutgers U American Women's History
Holly Ogren Assist. World Languages Culture Ph.D., U of Texas at Austin Interactional sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, language and power, gender and language, Japan; pragmatics in foreign-language teaching Coordinates the Japanese language program.
Lisa Ortiz-Vilarelle Assoc. English Ph.D., Wayne State U 20th-century Multiethnic and Inter-American literature and autobiographical studies with specific interest in narratives of exile, immigration and dictatorship She is currently completing a book about Latina and Latin American women’s life writing on dictatorship tentatively titled Overwriting the Dictator: Americanas, Autocracy and Autobiographical Innovation.
Agustin Otero Assoc. World Languages Culture Ph.D., Temple U XIXth and XXth Century Spanish Literature; Post-Civil War Spanish Literature and Film; Spanish Detective Novel
Cynthia Paces Prof. History Ph.D. – Columbia University Modern European History
Kim Pearson Assoc. Journalism Professional Writing M.A., New York University Her research on computing diversity and civic engagement has garnered support from Microsoft and the National Science Foundation. Her writing about race, religion, and sexuality have appeared in many freelance outlets and in her weblog, Professor Kim’s News Notes. Pearson regularly offers courses on Race, Gender and the News, Future of the News, and Writing for Interactive Multimedia
Ariane Pfenninger-Schardine Assist. World Languages Culture Assistant professor of French.
Brian Potter Assoc. Political Science Ph.D., UCLA Political economy and international relations, with a focus on Latin America; environmental and economic policy His work on environmental and economic policy has appeared in Latin American Perspectives, the Canadian Journal of Political Science, Energy and Development, Environmental Politics and as chapters in edited volumes.
Consuelo Preti Prof. Philosophy Religion Ph.D., SUNY Early Analytic Philosophy; Philosophy of Language; Philosophy of Mind
Melinda Roberts Prof. Philosophy Religion Ph.D. - Five College Ph.D. Program, Amherst, MA; J.D. U. of Texas Structure of consequentialism, the nonidentity problem, expected value and risk, the repugnant conclusion, wrongful life and wrongful disability, abortion, the new reproductive technologies--including human reproductive cloning and supernumerary pregnancy Serves on the Human Subjects Review Board, Pre-Law Advisory Committee, Executive Committee, and has advised Philosophical Society. Practiced corporate and securities law at Wall Street firm for six and a half years.

Nelson Rodriguez Women Gender Studies Ph.D., Penn State Gender and sexuality studies; queer theory; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer studies; critical masculinity studies; popular culture; critical theory and philosophy of education; critical pedagogy; and qualitative research methodology
Catie Rosemurgy Assoc. English M.F.A., University of Alabama Creative writing, poetry, contemporary literature She is the author of two poetry collections, My Favorite Apocalypse and The Stranger Manual, both published by Graywolf Press. Her work has appeared in places such as Boston Review, The American Poetry Review, and The Gettysburg Review.
Adriana Rosman-Askot Assoc. World Languages Culture Ph.D., Princeton U Latin American Women Writers; Spanish American Literature of Exile; National and Gender Identity in Literature
Jess Row Assoc. English M.F.A., University of Michigan Creative Writing (Fiction), Contemporary American and World Literature, Narrative and Novel Theory He is the author of a novel, Your Face In Mine (Riverhead, 2014), and two collections of short stories, Nobody Ever Gets Lost (FiveChapters Books, 2011) and The Train to Lo Wu (Dial Press/Random House, 2005).
Margaret Ruddy Assist. Psychology Ph.D. – Princeton University Attention, Temperament, Imagination, and Play in Infancy and Early Childhood; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Parenting; Psychopathology Directs the Infant and Child Studies Lab.
John Ruscio Prof. Psychology Ph.D. – Brandeis University Behavioral economics; modern and robust statistical methods; citation-based indices of scholarly impact; taxometric analysis Directs the Qualitative Psychology Lab.
Miriam Shakow Assist. Sociology Anthropology Ph.D. - Harvard How new middle classes in Bolivia interpret and respond to dramatic economic and political transformations; how conflicts over gender, class, and racial inequalities play out in everyday family life and in community and regional politics Her book, Along the Bolivian Highway: Social Mobility and Political Culture in a New Middle Class, was published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in 2014.
Qin Shao Prof. History Ph.D. – Michigan State University Modern East Asia, China Through the Ages
Donna Shaw-Bielski Assoc. Journalism and Professional Writing M.S. Columbia University Impact of money and politics on medical research She earned Biotechnology Fellowships at the University of Maryland’s Knight Center for Specialized Journalism and at Virginia Commonwealth University. As a Knight-Bagehot Fellow at Columbia University, she earned her Master of Science in Journalism
Wilbur Sowder Assist. English Ph.D. Intersections of gender, race and class Her unpublished book manuscript, “Bad Girls: Race, Crime, and Punishment in New York State, 1893—1916,” analyzes the intersections of gender, race and class by exploring crime and punishment, labor and community, through the lens of black women’s experience
Amiee Stahl Assist. Psychology Ph.D., Psychological & Brain Sciences, Johns Hopkins University Cognitive development, learning and memory in infants and children, and social cognition. Professional affiliations: Society for Research in Child Development, Cognitive Development Society, International Society for Infant Studies
Felicia Steele Assist. English Ph.D. – U. of Texas at Austin History of the English Language, Old and Middle English Language and Literature, Medievalism; writing assessment, cognitive linguistics, medieval literature, and the literature of the Inklings, particularly J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis She has published essays in historical phonology ("Grendel: Another Dip into the Etymological Mere,” English Language Notes, 2003) and the uses of linguistic analysis in discussions of literary influence (“Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130, Explicator 2004).
Glenn Steinberg Prof. English Ph.D., Indiana U Reception of classical and medieval texts in England during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance with a particular emphasis on the evolving reputations of Virgil, Dante, and Chaucer from the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries He has published essays in Medieval & Renaissance Drama in England, The Chaucer Review, Chung Wai Literary Monthly, English Literary Renaissance, the Modern Language Association’s Approaches to Teaching Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde and the Shorter Poems
Diane Steinberg Assist. English
Michele Lise Tarter Prof. English Ph.D., U of Colorado, Boulder Transatlantic Quaker women’s prophesying and writing, the body and cultural studies in early American literature, and women’s prison literature She has established a memoir-writing program in New Jersey’s only maximum-security prison for women, working with TCNJ students in co-teaching an inmates’ 10-week writing workshop each spring semester.
James Stacey Taylor Assoc. Philosophy Religion Ph.D. - Bowling Green State U. Applied ethics (especially medical ethics and the morality of markets), ethical theory, action theory, and metaphysical issues surrounding death Currently serves as the Academic Integrity Officer of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Serves as Managing Editor (with exclusive responsibility for book reviews) of The Journal of Value Inquiry.
Nicholas Toloudis Assist. Political Science Ph.D., Columbia University Political economy, welfare states, social policy, popular protest, and state formation in Europe and the United States; political consequences of the ongoing financial crisis in Europe His first book Teaching Marianne and Uncle Sam (Temple University Press, 2012) examines the origins of public school teachers’ unions in France and the United States. 
David Venturo Prof. English Ph.D., Harvard U British literature, 1600-1850, baseball and American culture, and the Beatles and popular culture He is the author of Johnson the Poet: The Poetic Career of Samuel Johnson (University of Delaware) and editor of The School of the Eucharist . . . With a Preface Concerning the Testimony of Miracles (AMS Press), writes and teaches about British literature
Jeanine Vivona Prof. Psychology Ph.D. – University of Massachusetts Psychotherapy process; Language; Identity Development; Sibling Relationships Clinical Psychology Lab
Kathleen Webber Assist. Journalism and Professional Writing M.A., New York University Sustainable and ethical fashion practices in the garment industry and the effort to bring a segment of garment manufacturing back to the U.S. She spent 10 years as a magazine writer in New York writing about the fashion industry for W magazine and Women’s Wear Daily. In Philadelphia, she helped launch Philadelphia Style magazine in 1999 and still contributes to it regularly.
Shaun Wiley Assoc. Psychology Ph.D. – City University of New York How group members respond to disadvantage; Immigration and cultural diversity; Group identity and intergroup relations Directs the Social Change and Collective Identity Lab.
Piper Kendrix Williams Assoc. English Ph.D. - Rutgers University Race and Ethnicity
Jane L. Wong Dean Ph.D., Psychology Dr. Wong has authored or co-authored about twenty-five articles in peer-reviewed journals and presented or co-presented a similar number of papers at professional conferences. Undergraduate and graduate students have been involved in all phases of her research
Simona Wright Prof. World Languages Culture Ph.D., Rutgers U Twentieth Century Italian Literature; Italian Women Writers; Poetics of Migration; Italian language (and Second Language Acquisition) and on 19th- and 20th-century Italian literature, Italian Studies, Post-colonial and Cultural studies; Italian studies She has published a volume on Italo Calvino (1998), and has published extensively on Italian women writers, Italian poetry, and the literature of migration. She is the Editor of NeMLA Italian Studies.
Erin Ackerman Social Sciences Librarian Public Services PhD (Political Science), the Johns Hopkins University; MLIS, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey Information Literacy in the Social Sciences; Collection Management; Scholarship within Library Science; and American Law and Politics

Terrence Bennett Business/Economics Librarian Public Services Business; Economics
Colin Bitter Librarian/Instr in the Library
Amanda Cowell Emerging Technologies Librarian Public Services Interactive Multimedia
Linda Dempf Music & Media Librarian Public Services Music; Women's & Gender Studies
Marlena Frackowski Assistant Dean for Technical Services Administration
Forrest Link Acquisitions Librarian Acquisitions
Jia Mi Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian Public Services
David C. Murray Humanities Librarian / Assist. Professor Public Services E-Books in the Humanities; Information Literacy; Latin American Studies; Ancient Mesoamerica He recently published in the journal RUSQ an article titled A Thirty-Year Reflection on the Value of Reference, and is anticipating a forthcoming article about the relative value of e-books and printed books. His latest research project is an investigation of the perceptions of disciplinary faculty toward academic librarians.
John Oliver Information Literacy Librarian Public Services Information Literacy
Taras Pavovsky Dean Administration
Lisa Roe Librarian/Instr in the Library
Bethany Sewell Assess Services & Reference Librarian Access Services
Yuji Tosaka Cataloging/ Metadata Librarian Cataloging
Valerie Tucci Physical Sciences/ Engineering Librarian Public Services Chemistry; Computer Science; Engineering; Mathematics & Statistics; Physics; Technology Studies
Yongming Wang Systems Librarian Systems
Huei-Fen Weng Librarian
Eileen Alexy Assoc. Nursing Ph.D., U of Penn Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing; Forensic Psychiatric Nursing; Interpersonal violence and traumatic presentations in individuals facilitated by new technologies
Geralyn Altmiller Assoc. Nursing EdD, Higher Education Leadership; MSN, Widener - Major: Critical Care, Emergency, Trauma Nursing quality and safety education Recipient of 2016 AHRQ Conference Grant Award: "Infusing Quality and Safety Education for Nurses into Your Curriculum." In 2016, Altmiller was selected by a panel of her peers from across the country as the recipient of the inaugural Linda Crownenwett Q
Marcia Blicharz Assoc. Nursing Ed.D., Rutgers U. Curriculum development, pedagogy, leadership and professional role development She incorporates her expertise and vast experience as a nurse educator into her classes and challenges her students to think critically and creatively as empowered, caring, professional leaders, committed to life- long learning
Carolina Borges Assist. Public Health
Laura Bruno Assist. HES Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership and Innovation, Wilmington University; MS in Health and Physical Education, McDaniel College Primary research interest aims to better understand how we can improve the health and well-being of others. Past publications investigate fitness-based community physical activity programs and how they impact overall health and well-being. Fellow of NJAHPERD, SHAPE America (Society of Health and Physical Educators), and ACHE (Association for Continuing Higher Education).
Jill Bush-Wallace Assoc. HES Ph.D., Kinesiology, Penn State Nutrient, protein, and hormonal regulation of muscle growth and degradation under conditions of varying exercise protocols and changes in physical activity in youth; strength and conditioning changes of young adults with autism involved in exercise program She completed her post-doctoral studies in pediatric nutrition at The Children’s Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.
Sharon Byrne Assist. Nursing DrNP, Drexel U. Oncology, Cancer Screening, Health Disparities in Undeserved Populations, Global Health, Women’s Health She has been the recipient of numerous scholarships/traineeships, awards/grants (including a 3-year grant from the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Fund totaling $85,000).
Rosemary (Mimi) Cappelli Assist. Nursing Ed.D., U. of Sarasota Medical-surgical, critical care nursing; nursing practice and standards; professional and regulatory nursing practices She incorporates years of acute care clinical, professional, legal and military nursing experience into her classes and strives to make every learning experience authentic for students.
Dolores Dzubaty Assist. Nursing Ph.D., Capella U. Identifying beneficial learning strategies incorporated by the student with English as an additional language; paternal bonding She is an active member of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN). She has presented educational sessions in healthcare settings to nurses new to the field of hospital obstetrical nursing
Avery Faigenbaum Prof. HES Ed.D., Boston U. Pediatric exercise science, physical education and preventive medicine; effects of different exercise training programs on various health, fitness and performance measures in children and adolescents; exercise interventions in public schools and sport centers In 2011, Dr. Faigenbaum and colleagues coined the term “Exercise Deficit Disorder” to characterize children and adolescents who do not meet daily exercise guidelines but are considered to be otherwise healthy.
John Farrell Assist. HES Doctor of Chirorpactic Dr. Farrell’s expertise is in the field of chiropractic. He has extensive experience working in private practice as well as experience working in a multidisciplinary clinic.
Ann Farrell Assoc. HES Ph.D., Health & Phys Ed & Recreation, U. of New Mexico Improving youth fitness levels through appropriate physical education programs Dr. Farrell has been in higher education training perspective health and physical education majors since 1999 at California State University, Bakersfield and Canisius College.
Katie Hooven Clinical Site Coord. Nursing Villanova Univeristy- PhD Student May 2013- Current; La Salle University- MSN/MBA Registered Nurse with an eight-year track record of excellent patient relations and an extensive clinical background. Previously involved with Unit Council, served as the chair of the committee, a governing board providing regulatory oversight
Jie Kang Prof. HES Ph.D., Exercise Physiology, U. of Pittsburgh Alterations in energy metabolism and substrate utilization in response to acute and chronic exercise in healthy individuals and individuals with metabolic disease; effects of exercise intensity on fat utilization, energy cost of various exercise modalities Dr. Kang has published two single-author books titled as “Bioenergetics Primer for Exercise Science” and “Nutrition and Metabolism in Sports, Exercise, and Health”.
Connie Kartoz Assist. Nursing Ph.D., Seton Hall U. Primary care, rheumatology, care of older adults, adherence, intergenerational relationships
Carole Kenner Dean Nursing Doctorate, Nursing, Indiana University Neonatal Nursing, Genetics, Palliative Care, and Higher Education, transition from hospital to home for mothers and babies in the NICU, fetal alcohol syndrome prevention, and global neonatal nursing workforce issues. She has over 30 years’ experience in teaching with 20 of those years in higher education administration. She has served as a Chiron Mentor for nurses through Sigma Theta Tau International, a nursing honor society.
Claire Lindberg Prof. Nursing Ph.D., Rutgers Graduate nursing education; Primary care, adolescent health, women’s health, health promotion; HIV/AIDS She is a NP Lead Faculty member and Graduate Coordinator.
Tracey Perron Assist. Nursing Ph.D., Rutgers U. Bullying among school-age children, school health and community health; childhood obesity She is a recipient of the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Nurse/Faculty Scholarship. She has presented her research findings regarding bullying at several national conventions including; the National Public Health Association and the National School Nurse
Nicholas Ratamess Prof. HES Ph.D., Kinesiology, U. of Connecticut Examining physiological adaptations to strength training/conditioning and sports supplementation He has authored and co-authored more than 150 scientific investigations, educational articles, review papers, chapters, and books and most recently authored The ACSM’s Foundations for Strength Training and Conditioning.
Brenda Seals Visit. Assist. Public Health
Heba Abourahma Assist. Chemistry Ph.D., U of South Florida Crystal engineering, which deals with designing and synthesizing functional solids using non-covalent interactions; studying pharmaceutical cocrystals, compounds that consist of two or more components at least one of which is an active pharmaceutical
Joseph Baker Assist. Chemistry Ph.D., U of Arizona Molecular dynamics simulation; computational biochemistry; bacterial infection; building computer models of biomolecular complexes and studying their structure and dynamics using large-scale computer simulations run on high-performance CPU and GPU computing He is also especially interested in teaching at the interface of the disciplines of physics, chemistry, and biology (for example, soft condensed matter and biophysical chemistry).
Michael Bloodgood Assist. Computer Science Ph.D., University of Delaware Research interests include: Data Science, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing.
Lynn Bradley Prof. Chemistry Ph.D., Duke U Mechanistic studies of benzamide systems, the study of reactions leading to heterocyclic ring systems, and the development of advanced experiments in organic chemistry
Michelle Bunagan Assist. Chemistry Ph.D., U Penn Use of spectroscopy to attain a mechanistic understanding of protein dynamics, including the folding transition, potential aggregation, and the effect of solvation
Luke Butler Assoc. Biology Ph.D., U of Washington Causes and consequences of variations in the molt dynamics of birds; Adaptations and life-history trade-offs in the structure of body feathers; Physiological and behavioral responses to stress in vertebrates
Angela Capece Assist. Physics Ph. D., California Institute of Technology
Karen Clark Assoc. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D., Courant Inst New York U Mathematical modeling of composite materials; climate modeling
Wendy Clement Assist. Biology Ph.D., U of Minnesota Plant systematics and evolution; pollination biology; biogeography She is an evolutionary biologist and plant systematist, and her lab studies the evolution of present-day plant biodiversity.
Andrew Clifford Prof. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D., State U of New York, Albany Combinatorial Group Theory (the intersection of algebra and low-dimensional topology), His recent teaching focus has been on the calculus sequence and various upper level courses in geometry and topology.
Robert Cunningham Prof. Mathematics Statistics Ed.D., Temple U Pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers; special interest: topics from the secondary curriculum that pose the greatest challenge for teachers to teach and students to learn; also, technology in support of instruction His lively interest in teaching and research has prompted him to involve undergraduate students in conducting, presenting, and publishing mathematics education research.
Gary Dickinson Assist. Biology Ph.D., Duke U Physiological ecology of marine invertebrates; Adhesion, biomineralization, and larval behavior of barnacles; Biological responses to ocean acidification and climate change; Marine biofouling and its prevention
Curt Elderkin Assoc. Biology Ph.D., U of Louisian at Lafayette Population and conservation genetics of freshwater mussels; evolutionary ecology of freshwater invertebrates; Quantitative genetics of environmental stresses; Population biology, ecology, and physiology of invasive species
Kathryn (KT) Elliott Assist. Biology Ph.D., University of Michigan Nature and frequency of gene duplication and amplification; Evolution and adaptation of gene amplification mutants; Regulation of expression of metabolic genes
Jeffery Erickson Assoc. Biology Ph.D. U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Developmental respiratory neurobiology; Genetic determination of vertebrate breathing behavior
Jana Gevertz Assoc. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D., Princeton University Dr. Gevertz works in the field of mathematical biology, studying cancer progression using tools from applied and computational mathematics. Dr. Gevertz teaches introductory calculus courses and upper-level applied mathematics courses, including Linear Programming and Differential Equations. She has also mentored independent study and capstone students in various applied mathematics topics.
Danielle Guarracino Assist. Chemistry Ph.D., Yale U Chemical biology She has been an Associate Faculty member for the website “Faculty of 1,000″, writing reviews on papers in Chemical Biology. Her teaching interests lie within organic and biochemistry. She is fascinated by the areas in which the two topics overlap.
Tom Hagedorn Prof. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D., Harvard U Number theory and algebra, specifically elliptic curves and representation theory He has taught courses in cryptography, geometry, the mathematics of voting and choice, and the culture, politics and science of food  (as part of the TCNJ’s FSP program).   He has also mentored many independent study, independent research, and capstone projects.
Nancy Hingston Prof. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D., Harvard U Differential geometry and topology; loop spaces, symplectic dynamics, closed geodesics, Hamiltonian systems
Donald Hirsh Assoc. Chemistry Ph.D., Yale U Developing new methods to measure distances in proteins, RNA, and DNA His professional experience includes service in the U.S. Peace Corps in Swaziland, and work at the Liposome Company and Delsys Pharmaceutical Company.
Christopher Holston Assist. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D. Ohio University Dr. Holston’s main research interest is in module theory, studying injectivity and projectivity domains. He has contributed to a project studying the concept of poor modules, which are considered opposite to injective and projective modules r. Holston’s most common courses have been in calculus, ranging from first semester to multivariable, including variations tailored for majors in business and biology. Including his experience as a graduate student, he has also taught courses in algebra,
David Allen Hunt Prof. Chemistry Ph.D., Duke U Development of novel synthetic methodology for the construction of heterocyclic ring systems of biological interest. His research interests also consist of organic synthesis, heterocyclic chemistry, organolithium/metalation chemistry, and drug discovery Prior to joining TCNJ, his industrial experience includes stints at Union Carbide’s Agricultural Research Division as a Senior Chemist in the Exploratory Process Research group, Becton Dickinson Research Center as a Senior Scientist
Judit Kardos Assist. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D., University of Missouri, Kansas City Problems in Real Analysis that provide insight into the highly unintuitive nature of the actually infinit; problems related to Cantor-type sets on the real line, finding Hausdorff dimensions and measures of such sets She has implemented new technology in introductory courses in Statistics and Linear Algebra. She was in charge of recreating the course in History of mathematics with a broader philosophical perspective to satisfy the World Views of Knowing Liberal learning.
Deborah Knox Assoc. Computer Science Ph.D., Iowa State University Digital Libraries; Web Accessibility; Cluster Computing; CS Education
Tracy Kress Assist. Biology Ph.D., Brown U Utilizing multiple approaches, including genetics, biochemistry, and molecular and cell biology, to study: mechanisms and regulation of RNA processing in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and coordination of RNA processing with chromatin remodelin
Jikai Li Assoc. Computer Science Ph.D., State U of New York, Buffalo Networking, Optical networks, Scheduling Problem in Network, Network Performance Evaluation, IP over Optical Networks, Optical Burst Switching (OBS), Wireless, Network Security, Internet Protocol for High Speed Network, Quality of Service (QoS)
Cathy Liebars Assoc. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D., Lehigh U Impact of sustained professional development on the teaching and learning of K-12 teachers and their students; mentoring; studying instruments She created and teaches a series of courses for students and teachers who wish to obtain the middle school endorsement in mathematics.
Don Lovett Prof. Biology Ph.D., University of Louisiana, Lafayette Osmoregulation in crustaceans; Mechanisms by which estuarine crabs osmoregulate (at the organismal, cellular, and molecular levels); Crustacean nutrition and growth
Nathan Magee Assoc. Physics Ph.D., Penn State Experimental cloud physics and climate research. Exciting opportunities for undergraduates are available in my lab, so please don’t hesitate to inquire Directs the Cloud Physics Lab.
Steffen Marcus Assist. Mathematics Statistics
David McGee Prof. Physics Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College Non-linear optics of block copolymers; photoswitching in functionalized nanotubes; fabrication of polymeric waveguides; dynamic holography
Janet Morrison Prof. Biology Ph.D., State U of New York, Stony Brook Plant ecology; invasive plants; plant-pathogen interactions; metropolitan forests She is a plant ecologist teaching courses in botany and ecology and offering research opportunities for undergraduates. Her scientific and conservation interests center on biological interactions
Sharon Navard Assist. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D., University of Southwestern Louisiana Instrument calibration, reliability, variance bounds, quality control
Sudhir Nayak Assoc. Biology Ph.D., U Penn Using genetic, molecular, biochemical, and informatic techniques to identify genes involved in: Cell fate specification and execution in the Caenorhabditis elegans germ line; Evolution of self-fertile hermaphroditism in nematodes He directs the Cloud Physics Lab.
Tuan Nguyen Assist. Physics Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley Interface of physics and biology; specifically, studying the physics of living neuronal networks.
Amanda Norvell Assoc. Biology Ph.D., U Penn Cell biology and gene expression in fruit flies; Pattern formation during Drosophila melanogaster oogenesis; mRNA localization during development; Regulation of nuclear import/export
Romulo Ochoa Prof. Physics Ph.D., Catholic U of America Development of experiments for physics education; raman and photoluminescence studies of CdTe and CdS nanocrystals and cocrystals; molecular dynamics simulations of crystalline and amorphous materials; raman microprobe studies of CdTe quantum dots
Michael Ochs Assoc. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D., Brandeis U Intersection of statistical learning and biological systems, with a primary interest in inference on molecular activity in cancer; presently developing computational statistical methods for refining our understanding of cell signaling Dr. Ochs focuses all courses on developing an ability to choose statistical approaches and techniques for real world problems, as computers can now easily handle even the most arduous statistical calculations but cannot decide what analysis fits the data.
Marcia O'Connell Assoc. Biology Ph.D., State U of New York, Stony Brook Zebrafish developmental biology; Determination and formation of the embryonic axes in vertebrates; Regulations of tissue specific genes in zebrafish embryos; Maternal regulation of polyadenylation
Abby O'Connor Assist. Chemistry Ph.D., U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Development of more energy efficient and sustainable means to produce our supply of fuels and chemicals; finding new homogenous transition metal complexes for different catalytic applications; find new ways to stabilize highly reactive intermediates During her post-doctoral position, O’Connor also developed a highly successful outreach program that highlights the role of chemists in solving the current energy crisis and plans to bring similar programs to TCNJ. Teaching the next generation of students
Aigli Papantonopoulou Prof. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley Classification problems in Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra, specifically on algebraic curves and surfaces over the complex numbers Her textbook Algebra: Pure and Applied has been published by Prentice Hall.
Keith Pecor Assist. Biology Ph.D., U of Michigan Behavioral and evolutionary ecology; crayfish biology; exotic species biology
Nina Peel Assist. Biology Ph.D.., U of Cambridge Cell biology and genetics; Using C. elegans as a model organism; How centrosome duplication is controlled; The functions of protein phosphatase 1 (PP1) in early development; How microtubule dynamics are regulated by post-translational modifications
Monisha Pulimood Assoc. Computer Science Ph.D., Tulane U Web-based information management; Social Computational Systems; CS Education Her research projects include: (1) Collaborative infrastructure to support the NSF-funded TUES grant. This project will entail development of web and mobile applications, social computing integration, and hosting on the Amazon AWS EC2 cloud instance. (2)
Dave Reimer Assoc. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D., Rutgers U Combinatorics, graph theory
Howard Reinert Prof. Biology Ph.D., Lehigh U Vertebrate ecology and conservation; Ecology, behavior and physiology of reptiles and amphibians; Molecular genetic structure of snake populations and gene flow; Habitat selection, predator/prey interactions and foraging behavior; Vertebrate conservation
Alan Richards Assist. Physics Ph.D., Rutgers U Physics education research, specifically studying how students use their prior knowledge to build understanding of new physics topics Uses modern, research-validated teaching methods to build an engaging classroom environment that focuses on active-learning techniques.
Jeremy Russell Visit. Mathematics Statistics
Andrea Salgian Assoc. Computer Science Ph.D., University of Rochester Computer vision and digital image processing; object recognition; face recognition and biometrics; artificial intelligence; human-computer interfaces She is widely published and has presented at numerous conferences and workshops (
Stephanie Sen Prof. Chemistry Ph.D., Stony Brook University Determine the structure and function proteins that are involved in construction and regulation of isoprenoids, with particular emphasis on insect and plant metabolism
Dennis Shevlin Assoc. Biology Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley Population biology of fungi; Life cycles and population biology of plant parasitic fungi; Antioxidant production by marine algae
Rachel Snider Assist. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D., University of Michigan Dr. Snider’s research focuses on mathematics teacher knowledge and teacher education. In particular, she considers the knowledge and reasoning entailed in carrying out particular teaching practices, such as selecting examples and giving explanations. Drawing on her own experience as a secondary mathematics teacher, Dr. Snider teaches content and methods courses for elementary and secondary pre-service teachers. She also has experience supervising student teachers and teaching in informal settings.
Leeann Tornton Assoc. Biology Ph.D. – Washington University in St. Louis Cytochrome P450 regulation of plant development, Plant steroid hormone inactivation, Relationship between structure and function in metabolic proteins, Molecular genetics of multi-gene protein families
Anthony Uzwiak Assist. Biology Not engaged in research at TCNJ
Wad Thulsi Wickramasinghe Prof. Physics Ph.D., U Penn Cosmology; observational astronomy; mathematics; archeoastronomy; astrobiology
Matthew Wund Assoc. Biology Ph.D., U of Michigan Evolutionary ecology; the interplay between individual plasticity and evolutionary processes; evolution of animal behavior; evolution of adaptive radiations He is broadly interested in how populations respond to novel environments, both from the perspective of individuals expressing altered morphology and behavior (phenotypic plasticity), as well as populations evolving over successive generations.
Sejong Yoon Assist. Computer Science Ph.D., Rutgers University Research interests include: Statistical Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Multimedia & Informatics
Qifu Zheng Assoc. Mathematics Statistics Ph.D. University of Vermont Group Representations, Integral Transformations, Multivariate Statistics
Anita Allyn Assoc. Art Art History M.F.A., School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Interdisciplinary arts, combining photography, video, animation and print; media culture and its numerous manipulations and permutations; media temporality, cultural memory, media landscape Her photography and installation works have been exhibited at such venues as The Tate Modern, London, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia, International Photography Biennial, Columbia, and South America.
Chris Ault Assoc. Interactive MM Master's, ITP at NYU Teaching, research and creative efforts span a range of subjects, from internet art to user experience design to digital media production and literacy. He is also a consultant in the area of web accessibility. Previously, Ault was a researcher and adjunct professor in NYU's pioneering Interactive Telecommunications Program.
Carolina Blatt-Gross Assist. Art Art History Ph.D., University of Georgia Using an interdisciplinary lens to understand the arts as an inherent human propensity, her scholarship explores the role of formal education in supporting or suppressing students’ artful natures. Her research has been published in Studies in Art Education, The Journal for Learning through the Arts and The International Journal of Education and the Arts.
Chung ("Fanky") Chak Assoc. Art Art History M.F.A., University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana Visual arts: graphic design and photography Serves as the Graphic Design Coordinator. In graphic design, his primary research interests include font design, typography, iconography, the historical development of the design profession, and photographic communication.
Paul D'Angelo Prof. Communication Studies Ph.D., Temple U Mass media theory, communication research He is the author of many articles, papers and book chapters focusing on news analysis and the roles of the press in contemporary society.
Lois Fichner-Rathus Prof. Art Art History Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology History, Theory, and Criticism of Art She has authored grants, contributed to books, written exhibition catalogues and published numerous articles in professional journals including ARTS Magazine and The Print Collector’s Newsletter. Her textbook, Understanding Art (Cengage) is in its 9th edition.
Gary Fienberg Assist. Music Ph.D., U of Pittsburgh Trumpet He serves as an Area Coordinator for Brass. He is a trumpeter whose experiences range from the great concert halls of Europe to the orchestra pits of Broadway. His performance interests cover the complete range of possibilities for a contemporary trumpeter
Joshua Fishburn Assist. Interactive MM MFA, U of Denver Research focuses on videogames as creative expression; has presented and written on the connection between audio and visual movement in games, the expressive power of networks in games and art.
Belinda Haikes Assist. Art Art History Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University Research focuses on the landscape of digital and social relationships; how technology, its history and its potential can manifest cultural changes; how human relationships are formed through technology and how to leverage that for design communication.
Susan Hickman Assoc. Music D.M.A., University of Illinois Voice She serves as an Area Coordinator for Choral/Vocal. She was a TCNJ Exchange Professor to Universität Frankfurt from 1992 – 1993. She has also been a faculty member of the New Jersey Governor’s School for the Arts since 1993
Yifeng Hu Prof. Communication Studies Ph.D., Penn State Effects of new media and emerging technologies in health communication She has published peer-reviewed articles in Communication Research, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, Electronic Journal of Communication, Atlantic Journal of Communication, Open Communication Journal
Deborah Hutton Assoc. Art Art History Ph.D., U of Minnesota Relationships between art, identity formation, and intercultural exchange in Islamicate South Asia between the 16th and early 20th centuries; Indo-Islamic art, but she teaches a range of courses covering the arts of Central, South, and East Asia from the Her most recent research project, undertaken jointly with Deepali Dewan, Senior Curator at the Royal Ontario Museum, looked at the work of the celebrated late 19th-century Indian photographer, Raja Deen Dayal. That project resulted in the book, Raja Deen
Lorna Johnson-Frizell Assoc. Communication Studies M.F.A. Documentary, television production, African Americans in film She is a filmmaker and mother whose previous works have been screened at film-festivals  within the US, including the  New Orleans Film Festival, the Mill Valley Film Festival and Women in the Director’s Chair as well as internationally.
Tomoko Kanamaru Assoc. Music D.M.A., University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music Piano She serves as an Area Coordinator for Keyboards. As a versatile recitalist, concerto soloist, chamber musician, and collaborative artist, Japanese pianist Tomoko Kanamaru has garnered the respect of musicians and the acclaim of critics.m
John Kuiphoff Assoc. Interactive MM Master's, NYU Web development, interactive art and physical computing He is a developer and designer who specializes in web development, interactive art and physical computing. His previous experience working in Instructional Technology has led to the development of the "Social Syllabus" project.
Lisa Lajevic Prof. Art Art History Ph.D., Penn State Her research interests include arts integration, teacher education, and curriculum and instruction She serves as the Arts Education Coordinator. Prior to teaching art education courses and supervising student art teachers at Penn State, she was employed as an art teacher in an arts-infused elementary school near Pittsburgh, PA.
John Leonard Assist. Music D.M. Indiana University Choral studies He serves as the Director of Choirs. At TCNJ, he has led and prepared the choral ensembles in performances both on and off campus including multiple performances at Lincoln Center as the resident American choral ensemble
Elizabeth Mackie Prof. Art Art History M.F.A, U of Maryland Interface between science and art, the interpretations of stories and images transformed and recontextualized She serves as the Fine Arts Coordinator. In addition to her M.F.A., she also holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Salisbury U. She was awarded fellowships including, 2012 Individual Artist Fellowship in Photography, New Jersey State Council on the Arts
Nicholas McBride Assist. Music Ed.D., Colombia University Teachers College Voice
Teresa Marrin Nakra Assoc. Interactive MM Ph.D., MIT Music technology She serves as an Area Coordinator for Music Technology. She is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Music Technology, with specializations in Computer-Human Interfaces, Music Perception, and Affective Computing.
William Nyman Assist. Art Art History
John Pollock Prof. Communication Studies Ph.D., Stanford Health Communication, Human Rights, Journalism, International Communication, Mass Communication, and Research Methods He taught at Rutgers University and the City University of New York (Queens College) and has conducted research in India and Latin America (Colombia), serving as director of the Latin American Institute at Rutgers.
Susan Ryan Assoc. Communication Studies Ph.D., New York University Documentary production, community media, Latin American film and video, and theories and criticism of film and television In addition to teaching and writing, she has also worked for more than a decade in film and television production producing programs that have aired on PBS, NBC, Turner Classic Movies, the Disney Channel, and the Lifetime cable channel.
Philip Sanders Prof. Art Art History Digital arts; interactive multimedia He is a digital artist, educator and curator. His first interactive computer gallery installations were in 1979; exhibitions include SIGGRAPH, ISEA, Boston CyberArts, Images du Futur, the Kitchen, the Knitting Factory and the Alternate Media Center.
Colleen Sears Assist. Music Ed.D., Music Education Music education; equity and access in music education; uncovering and examining gendered stereotypes that exist inside the music classroom and within the professional community She serves as an Area Coordinator for Music Education. She brings 10 years of public school teaching experience and a background in educational research to the music faculty at The College of New Jersey.
TBA Dean
Liselot Van der Heijden Assoc. Art Art History M.F.A., Hunter College Control and power of the gaze and ‘Nature’ as a cultural/political idea and anthropomorphic projection She produces installations, videos and photographs. Over the past decade, she has exhibited at various institutions throughout the US and Europe. Recently her work was shown at the New Museum and the Queens Museum in New York, Smart Project Space in Amsterdam
Sunita Ahlawat Assoc. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., Penn State Accounting behavioral research; non-profits; outsourcing; issues related to the convergence of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) She taught a graduate level course in managerial accounting and was instrumental in developing a course in Accounting Information Systems.
Richard Baker Assist. Economics PhD Boston University Economic History, Labor Economics, Development Economics, Applied Econometrics Recipient of 2016 Spencer Foundation Grant Award: "Race, Family Background, and Educational Attainment in the Early Twentieth-Century South."
Karen Becker Assoc. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., Lehigh U. Branding; consumer behavior; marketing strategy; corporate social responsibility; non-profit marketing; sponsorship; congruence theory Her classes are centered around experiential activities, academic inquiry and discourse, and research collaborations. She has industry experience at Nokia, Time Warner Publications, Barebo Inc., and Binney & Smith/Crayola Products Division.
Martine Bertin-Peterson Visit. Instructor Management M.B.A., University of New York at Buffalo Industry Experience:
Global Marketing Director, Accenture, Florham Park, NJ 1997-2003
Vice President, Latin America/Caribbean, Dow Jones & Company, NY, NY 1994-1997
Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Jensen-Jones, Inc., Red Bank.
Lynn Braender Assist. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., Drexel U. Information systems; database management systems She served for 3 years as the Academic Computing Advisor for the campus.
Jean Brechman Assist. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., U of Penn Marketing communications and campaigns Her work utilizes survey and experimental methodologies to examine the processes through which marketing messages influence attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.
Bea Chiang Assoc. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., Drexel U. Cost management in healthcare; Activity based costing and the optimal numbers of cost drivers; Transfer pricing; Accounting education issues; Integrating community projects into accounting classes She holds certifications as a Public Accountant (PA, inactive) and Management Accountant. She has published extensively and has been involved in Community Engaged Learning at TCNJ through the Bonner Institute.
Seunghee Choi Assoc. Finance Ph.D., Drexel U. Mergers and Acquisitions, Government Regulation of the Financial Sector, Corporate Finance and Governance, Financial Institutions, Investment She has published and presented on a range of topics including stock portfolios and portfolio holdings.
Maria Domingo Assist. Accounting Information Systems JD Rutgers School of Law; LL.M. New York University School of Law Research is focused on the areas of federal income tax, and state and local tax.
Jingyi Duan Assist. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., University of Rhode Island Her major research interests include consumer behavior on social media, as well as experiential and hedonic consumption. Jingyi has research papers published in Qualitative Market Research and Arts and the Market, and under review at other journals. Prior to her academic career, Jingyi worked as a digital marketing officer in a multinational company in Hong Kong.
Brenda Ghitulescu Assist. Management Ph.D., U of Pittsburgh Job design, proactive behavior and job crafting, creativity in organizations, and corporate social responsibility For her dissertation research, she was selected a finalist for the Sloan Industry Studies Best Dissertation Award 2007. For her recent article “Making change happen: The impact of work context on adaptive and proactive behavior”
Susan Hume Assoc. Finance Ph.D., Baruch College International finance and capital markets, hedging, banking and derivative securities She has industry experience at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co (JP Morgan), First Pennsylvania Bank (PNC Bank), and Federal Reserve Bank NY.
William Keep Dean Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., Michigan State U, Eli Broad College Long-term marketing relationships, marketing strategies, business ethics, public policy, and higher education A professor of marketing, he has also held the position of associate vice president for academic affairs, and currently serves as dean. Under his leadership, the School of Business at TCNJ consistently ranks as a top 100 undergraduate business school.
Nancy Lasher Assoc. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business J.D. North Carolina Law School Corporate governance; workplace harassment legal issues; writing across the curriculum She serves as the Faculty Advisor for Delta Sigma Pi, the International Business Fraternity.
Bozena Leven Prof. Economics Ph.D., Cornell Economic transition; international economics She has published extensively (articles and books/book chapters) on such topics as: Polish Bank Consolidation; Poland's Recent Migration; Welfare of Polish Women; Economic Reform in Poland; Development Strategies for Sustainable Growth, etc.
Waheeda Lillevik Assoc. Management Ph.D., McMaster U Human resources management, organizational behavior and management, particularly diversity management, cross-cultural management and international human resource management Prior to coming to TCNJ, Lillevik was a senior lecturer at the University of East London Business School where she taught courses in organizational behavior and management, employee resourcing, and international human resource management.
Herbert Mayo Prof. Finance Ph.D., Rutgers U He has published on topics of investment and basic finance.
John McCarty Assoc. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., U of Illinois Marketing Communications/Advertising; Consumer Behavior; Marketing Analysis; Database Marketing He was formerly a Research Associate in the Marketing Services Department of the advertising agency DDB Needham Chicago. He had consumer research responsibilities for a variety of clients, including Clorox, Household Bank, General Mills, and Shasta Bevera
Kevin Michels Assoc. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business J.D. Rutgers Law School Business law and ethics Serves as the Founding Director for the Center for Innovation and Ethics. His article, “Third-Party Negligence Claims Against Counsel: A Proposed Unified Liability Standard,” appears in the 2009 volume of the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics.
Gerald Miller Prof. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., U of Kentucky Governmental accounting and accounting education His work experience includes five years in private sector accounting, 10 years in government auditing.
Donka Mirtcheva Assoc. Economics Ph.D., U of Illinois at Chicago Health behavioral economics, economics of religion She has published and presented on such topics as: religion and child health, and the national school lunch program.
Susanna Monseau Prof. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Guildford Law School, Guildford, UK; University of Exeter, Exeter, UK, LLB Regulation, policies and new business models related to advances in technology and communications, Developments in intellectual property and privacy law relating to the internet and new technologies, International aspects of copyright and industrial design Areas of specialization: Legal issues relating to the globalization of the world economy and the use of technology, particularly questions of law and policy raised by recent developments in the world economy including the growth of the Internet.
Michele Naples Assoc. Economics Ph.D., U of Mass at Amherst The Impact of Financialization on Income Inequality; The Theory of Strategic Competition, based on constant-cost models, and its implications for labor markets and cyclical fluctuations; Economic Contributions to Elder Abuse: econometric study of elder abuse Her areas of specialization are: macroeconomics; history of economic thought; gender, labor economics.
Joao Neves Prof. Management Ph.D., Wharton School, U Penn Faculty Advisor to Beta Gamma Sigma, the honor society for colleges accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
Hossein Nouri Prof. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., Temple U Behavorial accounting; meta analysis; pedagogical research His area of specialization is: managerial accounting auditing. He holds certifications as a Public Accountant, Fraud Examiner, and Financial Services Auditor.
Trevor O'Grady Assist. Economics PhD University of California, Santa Barbara; Postdoc Harvard University Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Public Goods, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics, Economic History Visiting Researcher: Copenhagen Business School (2011). Professional Affiliations: AEA, AERE.
Thomas Patrick Prof. Finance Ph.D., U of Kentucky Finding the determinants of a privately held firm’s market value His area of specialization is: business valuation. He serves as the faculty advisor to the Financial Management Association and the Financial Management Association National Honor Society.
David Prensky Assoc. Management Ph.D., U of Chicago Organizations and organizational research, where he focused on nonprofit organizations and public policy issues He is current leading The College’s effort to create a comprehensive leadership development program for students from across the campus. From 2004 to 2007, he was the founding Director of the Bonner Center for Civic and Community Engagement at TCNJ
Subarna Samanta Prof. Economics Ph.D., Southern Methodist U Applied econometric analysis He serves as Faculty Advisor to Omicron Delta Epsilon, the International Honor Society in Economics. He has published and presented extensively on such topics as: foreign investment, corruption, forecasting, exchange rates/ foreign exchange markets, etc
Abdus Shahid Prof. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., Temple U Positive accounting theory; accounting education issues His area of specialization is financial accounting. He serves as Faculty Advisor to the Institute of Management Accounting, Student Chapter (IMASC).
Kim Tae-Nyun
Linghui (Lynn) Tang Prof. Economics Ph.D. Syracuse University FDI and multinational firms, Cultural dynamics and management, Information technology, Entrepreneurship and innovations, Economic development in Asia, cross-cultural management and marketing, FDI, and entrepreneurship. She was the Project Director of the Business and International Education grant from US Department of Education between 2009-2012.
Abhishek Tripathi Assist. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Omaha Research interests include: Crowdsourcing and Complex Problem Solving, User perspectives on Online Banking Systems, Sustainability on Technology Usage in Education sector, and Global IT Leadership and High Performance Team. Has expertise in: Business Analytics and Data Mining, Database Management System, Crowdsourcing and Collective Intelligence, Open Source Software Development, Software Project Management and Engineering, Virtual Project Management.
Louis Tucci Assoc. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., Temple U Services marketing, food products marketing, personal selling and marketing research; A study of the attributes associated with perceiving a food product as nutritious; A study of the determinants of effective price guarantees offered by retailers He has published in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Business Journal, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Food Products Marketing, Management International Review, The International Journal of Retail and Distribution
Donald Vandegrift Prof. Economics Ph.D., U of Connecticut Economics of the firm; Economics and law; behavioral economics; microeconomic policy issues He serves as Faculty Advisor to the Economics Club. He has published extensively on tax bases, tournament competition, obesity rates, etc.
Patricia Wallace Prof. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., Penn State Information systems; work teams She serves as Faculty Advisor to Phi Beta Lambda – the Future Business Leaders of America. She has published extensively on such topics as team environments, team-based learning, computer literacy skills/information technology, etc.
Alberto Carbonilla Instructor Management
Marina De Souza Assist. Public Health
Karen Fenner Instructor P-T World Languages and Culture M.A., NYU German language and culture
Jamie Kennedy Assist Integrative STEM Education Ph.D., Drexel University
Matthew McAndrews Assist. Philosophy, Relig & Classics
Colleen Pedrotty Instructor Nursing
Tamika Royal-Thomas Assist. Mathematics & Statistics Ph.D., Florida State University biostatistics, specifically looking at longitudinal data analysis which involves looking at data over time and how the trend in these data predict health outcomes with the aid of creating novel and better methodology for these data. Her research examines early life predictors of cardiovascular disease and takes into consideration other factors over time that predicts this disease. Her research interests also include factor analysis, principal component analysis, survival analysis and meta-analysis.
Ellen Rudowski Instructor P-T Nursing MSN, ANP Seton Hall University
Tamara Tallman Assistant Professor Elementary Early Childhood Emerging collaborative techniques and the sustainability of PLC’s’; the importance of cultural literacy and social justice learning in middle level education; classroom management methodology courses and paid internships for teacher candidates.
Salika Lawrence Campbell Endowed Chr of Urb Ed Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D. Fordham University Urban education, adolescent literacy, teacher preparation and professional development, and sociology of education.
Julia Mazzarella Assist. Professor Counselor Education Ph.D. Montclair State University Adult to Adult Bullying, Diversity/Multiculturalism, Eating Disorders, and Foster Care.
Matthew Taylor Assist. Professor Special Education Language & Literacy Ph.D. University of Central Florida Early elementary students with intellectual disabilities using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) content, and the professionals working with special education populations (e.g., parents, teachers, and related service providers).
Michael Smith Assist. Professor Special Education Language & Literacy Ph.D. University of South Florida Intersections of social identity, teaching, and learning—with particular attention on empowering teachers to act as social change agents within their spheres of influence.
Warren Buckleitner Visiting Assistant Professor Interactive Multimedia Ph.D. Michigan State University Children's technology, how interface can influence engagement.
Jason Alejandro Assist. Professor Dean of Arts & Communication MFA Vermont College of Fine Arts Puerto Rican identity and visual culture, typographic form and invention, the de-colonization of design history, and critical pedagogy.
Yutong Xie Assist. Professor Finance Ph.D. Virgina Tech Corporate Finance, corporate investment, corporate Innovation, payout policy, institutional investors.
Corporate Governance
Downside Risk
Shengbin Wang Assoc. Professor Management, Marketing & Interdisciplinary Studies Ph.D. Rutgers University Supply chain operations modeling and algorithm design, humanitarian operations management, big data analytics in supply chain management, large scale lateral transshipment, and last mile delivery network design.
Yachao Li Assist. Professor Communication Studies Ph.D. University of Georgia The intersection of message production and health disparities. How cultural, relational, and personal factors influence people’s messages in challenging social interactions. Also, the role of communication in reducing minority health disparities.
Melissa Zrada Assist. Professor Integrative STEM Education Ph.D. Teachers College, Columbia University Student question-asking in STEM, creativity, gestures for self, and data visualizations.
Melkamu Woldemariam Assist. Biology Ph.D.,Friedrich-Schiller University and Max-Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany Regulatory mechanisms of plant defense responses