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FAQs about Finding Funding

How do I get started?

There are online databases to assist you in the search for available grants. InfoEd is a valuable database to search for and connect with grants of your interest

InfoEd’s SPINPlus is a Web-based subscription package that bundles Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN), Global Expertise Network for Industry, Universities and Scholars (GENIUS), and SPIN Matching and Researcher Transmittal System (SMARTS). Collectively, this system provides effective support for developing sponsored programs.

SPIN is a funding opportunities database (with over 10,000 programs) designed to provide up-to-date information on current federal and non-federal program announcements. It allows users to search the database using keywords and other criteria.

GENIUS is a database of profiles or expanded curriculum vitae of scientific and scholarly expertise that is accessible institutionally and/or globally (based upon individual preference) through the World Wide Web. The profile categories will assist us in compiling institutional data on scholarship, and all individual information is kept confidential.

SMARTS is an electronic transmittal service whereby InfoEd will match an individual’s GENIUS profile against the funding opportunities offered through SPIN and e-mail the results on a daily basis.

The Office of Academic Grants and Sponsored Research (OAGSR) will assist you in developing a plan for seeking support. Schedule an appointment with the OAGSR to discuss your area of scholarly interest. Please bring an up-to-date curriculum vitae and a one-page summary of your project.

How do I register for InfoEd?

  • Go to the InfoEd Global website.
  • Click on GENIUS at the top of the screen in the CLIENT LOGIN TO menu. (SPIN is also available at that menu)
  • Click Create a New Profile.
  • Select The College of New Jersey from the drop down menu, and click SELECT.
  • Complete the requested entries from name to password and click SUBMIT.
  • A profile summary page will appear.
  • A partial profile of basic user information can be completed initially, with additional information added at a later date. Social security number is not required, but may be included at the user’s option.
  • Initially, at least 8-12 keywords should be chosen. These keywords may be revised later.
  • Upon completion of information entry, click save, and then log out.
  • Within 2 days of submission the profile will be validated and e-mail notices will begin the next day.
  • Once registered, a user is free to revise the personal information and search for funding opportunities directly through SPINPlus on any computer.
  • For more information on how to use the SPIN program: Click Here
  • For other step by step SPIN tutorials go to SPIN, and click Training Videos next to the Sign In button.


Note: If logged on to a TCNJ computer, no login will be necessary on SPINPlus and searching is immediately enabled simply by entering the website.If you are on a personal computer you will need your GENIUS login.


Where do I search for private funding?

Corporate and foundation funding works to bridge the gap between public funding and the need for funding at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). Faculty members are encouraged to contact or meet with both the OAGSR and Development to learn more about the funding opportunities available to them.

Can I apply for a sabbatical?

Yes, information can be found here.