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Fellowships for Faculty in the Social Sciences

American Academy Arts & Sciences, Visiting Scholar To $60,000 for academic year research residency supporting humanities, social sciences, policy analysis,especially multidisciplinary topics. Preference to nontenured junior faculty.
American Antiquarian Society Library collections: American history or culture through 1876. Fields:  history, art and music history, literature, political science, 18th-cent. studies, newspapers, magazines, history of book.
AGLSP National Faculty Award Assoc. of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs. $1,000, conference presentation; to outstanding interdisciplinary faculty teaching in graduate liberal studies program.
S. DuBois Cook Postdoc Fellowship $40,000 one-year fellowship researching constructs of race, ethnicity, and gender from interdisciplinary perspectives. Social Science Research Institute, Duke University.
Dumbarton Oaks, Fellowships One-month, summer, or academic year residential fellowships in Byzantine or Pre-Columbian studies.
Dumbarton Oaks, Project Grants $3,000 to $10,000 to survey/excavate/document sites in imminent danger/immediate threat.
Fichter Research Grant Association Sociology of Religion. For research on women and religion, including gender issues and feminist perspectives.
Foundation for Child Development Young Scholars Program. To $150,000 for research on development of children in immigrant families from birth to age 10. Behavioral and social sciences, education. Ph.D. within past 15 yrs; pre-tenure or tenure within past 4 years.
Fulbright-Hays Research Grants Travel, stipend, research expenses for research abroad in modern foreign languages and area studies (not Western Europe). US citizen or perm resident.
Fulbright-Hays Short Seminars Abroad Airfare, room, board, fees to month-long seminars abroad (not Western Europe) to improve knowledge of culture. Humanities, social sciences; US citizen or perm resident.
Getty Research Institute Arts, humanities, social sciences. Museum Institute or at Villa. All deadlines are Nov 1
Research Scholar — To $75,000 for academic-yr residency
Visiting Scholar — $3,500 monthly, up to 3 mo.
Post-doc — $22,000 for academic year. Ph.D. 2002 or later
Library Research Grant — To $2,500. Five days to 3 months.
Pre-doc — $18,000 for academic year.
William T. Grant Scholars $350,000 over 5 yrs for research on settings for youth ages 8-25 in the US. All disciplines; researcher within 7 yrs of receiving terminal degree. For study contributing to a body of relevant and useful empirical evidence. July 1
Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order $200,000 for original, feasible ideas which could lead to a more just and peaceful world order. They may address a wide range of global concerns such as cooperation on environmental or other issues; international law; world politics; global economic issues; resolution of regional, ethnic, or racial conflicts; proliferation of destructive technologies; international relations; or other. Deadline early January.
Grawemeyer Award in Psychology $200,000 to honor a specific idea or achievement with originality, creativity, scientific merit and broad impact on the field of Psychology. Deadline February.
Harry F. Guggenheim Research Grants $15-30,000 Postdoc grants for research related to dominance, aggression, violence. Deadline Aug. 1
Hirschman Prize  $10,000 award for outstanding contributions to international, interdisciplinary social science research, theory, and public communication. Nomination deadline Feb 1.
Howard Fellowships  $25,000 stipend to support mid-career (completed degree in past 5-15 yrs) project; especially. intended to augment paid sabbatical leave. Topics announced annually, in 6-yr rotation of fields in Liberal and Fine Arts. Nomination deadline November
HWK European Studies Fellowships 3 to 10-month fellowships, social sci and related disciplines (eco, law, history, philosophy…) for research projects on European cultures and societies. Especially encourage setting up temporary study groups on the topic. Two deadlines: Aug. 31, Feb. 28
John Carter Brown Library Fellowships Short-term = $2,000 per month for 2-4 mo, all aspects of colonial history of the Americas. Long-term = $4,000 per month for 5-10 months. Deadline January 1
Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowships Postdoc grants in Germany, up to 12 months. PhD within past 2 yrs. Humanities, social science, education, math, life sciences, engineering. June 15
Lukas Work-in-Progress Award $30,000 to aid in completion of a significant work of nonfiction on a topic of American political or social concern. Must already have contract with publisher. November 15
National Book Critics Circle Award Nonfiction, fiction, poetry. Published in current year. Submit as early as possible
Netherlands Institute Academic-year or 5-month fellowships; humanities/social sciences, senior scholars and prominent researchers. Deadline March 1.
Newton International Fellowships Funding for 2 yrs post-doc collaborative research in U.K. Humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering. Apply when completing Ph.D. or up to 6 yrs postdoc. Deadline August.
Pulitzer Prize Categories general non-fiction, US history, music, drama, fiction, poetry, journalism. June 15 and Oct 1
John F. Kennedy Library Fellowships Kovler Fellowship — to $2,500 Research on foreign intelligence and presidency, or related. March
Schlesinger — $5,000 Western Hemisphere history or policy, Roosevelt to Kennedy. Aug 15
Schwartz — $3,100 Immigration, naturalization, or refugee policy. March 15
Sorensen — $3,600 Domestic policy, political journalism, polling, or press relations. March 15
Kennedy Research Grants to $2,500 Any topic relating to Kennedy period. March for fall, Aug for spring.
Hemingway Research Grants to $1,000 Use of Hemingway collection. November 1
American Sociological Association  Distinguished Book Award: Best single book published in the two preceding years. Deadline January
Minority Fellowship Program – ASA Areas of interest for Fellows include social psychology, gender and sexuality, education, medicine and health, inequalities and stratification, race and ethnicity, and more. MFP seeks to attract talented doctoral students to ensure that a diverse and highly trained workforce is available to assume leadership roles and conduct research that is relevant to today’s global society.
Massachusetts Historical Society  $1,500 for short-term (20 days) research in Society collections. Deadline March 1
$40,000 for long-term (6-12 months, may be divided time periods). January 1
$5,000 for 8 wks research at regional consortium institutions. February 1
$4,000 for 8 wks, research related to Civil War. Deadline February 1
National Academy Awards
National Academy of Sciences. Numerous rotating awards in physical, biological, & social sciences; list below
is not comprehensive. See website for which awards will be presented this year. Deadline Oct 1
Award for Initiatives in Research — $15,000 to innovative scientists under age 35
Award for Industrial Application of Science — $25,000
Pepler International Award Royal Town Planning Institute, Britain. For 3-4 weeks study in Britain on town and country planning. Must be under age 30. Deadline March.
Publication Grant, Archaeological Institute  $5,000 in two installments. For final analysis, writing, prep for publication of research, excavated material of any period from anywhere in the world. Nov. 1
Resident Scholars  School of American Research, Santa Fe. 9-mo residency for writing manuscript (research completed). Anthropology or anthropological perspectives in history, sociology, philosophy, art, law. Deadline Nov 1
Russell Sage Foundation Visiting Scholars Visiting Scholar at Foundation (New York), to research changing US social and economic life, especially: nature of work; immigration; economic behavior; cultural contact; social inequality. Deadline Sept.
Shohet Scholars  $10,000-30,000, one year.  For significant original research in archaeology, art history, classical studies, history, comparative religions, or related subjects, within the sphere of the Mediterranean world from late Hellenistic to end of Roman Empire. Special interest: interdisciplinary, new perspectives. Nov. 15
Sloan Industry Studies Fellows $45,000 for 2 yrs. Junior tenure-track faculty (no more than 6 yrs from Ph.D.), to contribute to understanding companies, product and labor markets, institutions and interactions via research grounded in direct observation. Encouraging academic – industry cooperation. Ph.D. in economics, political science, sociology,
management, or related interdisciplinary field. Deadline Oct.
Smithsonian Postdoc Fellowships Anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, social/cultural history of US. For scholars up to 7 yrs beyond Ph.D. $42,000/yr, 3-12 months. January 15.
Smithsonian Senior Fellows For scholars 7+ yrs beyond Ph.D. $42,000/yr, 3-12 months. January 15.
Sociology, CARI Grants  ASA, Community Action Research Initiative. Applied social policy, social research; for work with community organizations or community action projects. Febr. 1
Staley Prize Nourishing the scholarly spirit through residential fellowships and seminars that inspire intellectual risk-taking and advance academic inquiry in archaeology, anthropology and other social science fields.
Supreme Court Fellows  One-year fellowship with Supreme Court. Seeks diverse backgrounds, including social/behavioral sciences. Need multi-disciplinary training and experience, including familiarity with the judicial process; 2+ yrs professional experience; administrative ability. Deadline Nov
Transatlantic Academy Fellows German Marshall Fund of the US. 10-month residential Fellows (interdisciplinary, selected from N. America and Europe), in Washington D.C. for  research/discussion on annual announced topic. App 2011 for ’12-’13: Future of the Western Liberal Order. May 1
UNESCO Fellowship Fellowships are specially tailored training which are designed to give qualified persons practicing or intending to practice a profession in the field of the UNESCO program priorities an opportunity to receive additional and practical training, thus contributing to the advancement and circulation of knowledge and skill promoting development and international understanding.
ETS tests, Visiting Scholars  $3,500 honorarium, travel, housing. Month of June at ETS; write/review test questions and equity. Members of underrepresented groups. Deadline early December.
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