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Live Presentation Poster Sessions

November 18, 2020

9:30 AM

Collaboration Across Boundaries Year 1: Validating Measures and Collaboration in the Time of COVID-19

Dr. Diane Bates

Passcode: 427629

10:30 AM

Communicating COVID-19 Information on Tik Tok: A Content Analysis of Tik Tok Videos Created by International Non-Governmental Organizations

Dr. Yachao Li

Passcode: 684184

11:00 AM

Constructing and Communicating COVID-19 Stigma on Twitter: A Content Analysis of Tweets during the Early Stage of the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dr. Yachao Li, Dr. Sylvia Twersky, Kelsey Ignace, Radhika Purandare, and Breeda Bennett-Jones 

Passcode: 986873

December 2, 2020 

10:30 AM

Organic Thin Film Transistor Characterization for Gas Sensing Application

Dr. Wudyalew Wondmagegn

Passcode: 897935

11:30 AM

Characterization of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Signalized Intersections Using Probe Vehicle Data

Dr. Thomas Brennan

Passcode: 932386