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School of Business

Name Faculty Level/ Title Primary Dept Highest Degree(s) Research/ Interests Other Information
Sunita Ahlawat Assoc. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., Penn State Accounting behavioral research; non-profits; outsourcing; issues related to the convergence of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) She taught a graduate level course in managerial accounting and was instrumental in developing a course in Accounting Information Systems.
Richard Baker Assist. Economics PhD Boston University Economic History, Labor Economics, Development Economics, Applied Econometrics Recipient of 2016 Spencer Foundation Grant Award: "Race, Family Background, and Educational Attainment in the Early Twentieth-Century South."
Karen Becker Assoc. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., Lehigh U. Branding; consumer behavior; marketing strategy; corporate social responsibility; non-profit marketing; sponsorship; congruence theory Her classes are centered around experiential activities, academic inquiry and discourse, and research collaborations. She has industry experience at Nokia, Time Warner Publications, Barebo Inc., and Binney & Smith/Crayola Products Division.
Martine Bertin-Peterson Visit. Instructor Management M.B.A., University of New York at Buffalo Industry Experience:
Global Marketing Director, Accenture, Florham Park, NJ 1997-2003
Vice President, Latin America/Caribbean, Dow Jones & Company, NY, NY 1994-1997
Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Jensen-Jones, Inc., Red Bank, NJ 1992-1994
Lynn Braender Assist. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., Drexel U. Information systems; database management systems She served for 3 years as the Academic Computing Advisor for the campus.
Jean Brechman Assist. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., U of Penn Marketing communications and campaigns Her work utilizes survey and experimental methodologies to examine the processes through which marketing messages influence attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.
Bea Chiang Assoc. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., Drexel U. Cost management in healthcare; Activity based costing and the optimal numbers of cost drivers; Transfer pricing; Accounting education issues; Integrating community projects into accounting classes She holds certifications as a Public Accountant (PA, inactive) and Management Accountant. She has published extensively and has been involved in Community Engaged Learning at TCNJ through the Bonner Institute.
Seunghee Choi Assoc. Finance Ph.D., Drexel U. Mergers and Acquisitions, Government Regulation of the Financial Sector, Corporate Finance and Governance, Financial Institutions, Investment She has published and presented on a range of topics including stock portfolios and portfolio holdings.
Maria Domingo Assist. Accounting Information Systems JD Rutgers School of Law; LL.M. New York University School of Law Research is focused on the areas of federal income tax, and state and local tax.
Jingyi Duan Assist. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., University of Rhode Island Her major research interests include consumer behavior on social media, as well as experiential and hedonic consumption. Jingyi has research papers published in Qualitative Market Research and Arts and the Market, and under review at other journals. Prior to her academic career, Jingyi worked as a digital marketing officer in a multinational company in Hong Kong.
Brenda Ghitulescu Assist. Management Ph.D., U of Pittsburgh Job design, proactive behavior and job crafting, creativity in organizations, and corporate social responsibility For her dissertation research, she was selected a finalist for the Sloan Industry Studies Best Dissertation Award 2007. For her recent article is called “Making change happen: The impact of work context on adaptive and proactive behavior”
Susan Hume Assoc. Finance Ph.D., Baruch College International finance and capital markets, hedging, banking and derivative securities She has industry experience at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co (JP Morgan), First Pennsylvania Bank (PNC Bank), and Federal Reserve Bank NY.
William Keep Dean Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., Michigan State U, Eli Broad College Long-term marketing relationships, marketing strategies, business ethics, public policy, and higher education A professor of marketing, he has also held the position of associate vice president for academic affairs, and currently serves as dean. Under his leadership, the School of Business at TCNJ consistently ranks as a top 100 undergraduate business school
Tae-Nyun Kim Assist. Finance PhD Rutgers University Empirical Corporate Finance (Capital Structure, M&A, Corporate Governance) and Banking Professional affiliations: American Finance Association, Financial Management Association, Southern Finance Association, Southwestern Finance Association, Beta Gamma Sigma
Pamela Kravitz Assoc. Management Ph.D., Temple U Whether job attribute preferences of college seniors are affected by terrorism; human resources; compensation; and performance appraisal She holds professional certification as PHR Professional in Human Resources, and CBP Certified Benefits Administrator.
Nancy Lasher Assoc. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business J.D. North Carolina Law School Corporate governance; workplace harassment legal issues; writing across the curriculum She serves as the Faculty Advisor for Delta Sigma Pi, the International Business Fraternity.
Bozena Leven Prof. Economics Ph.D., Cornell Economic transition; international economics She has published extensively (articles and books/book chapters) on such topics as: Polish Bank Consolidation; Poland's Recent Migration; Welfare of Polish Women; Economic Reform in Poland; Development Strategies for Sustainable Growth, etc.
Waheeda Lillevik Assoc. Management Ph.D., McMaster U Human resources management, organizational behavior and management, particularly diversity management, cross-cultural management and international human resource management Prior to coming to TCNJ, Lillevik was a senior lecturer at the University of East London Business School where she taught courses in organizational behavior and management, employee resourcing, and international human resource management.
Herbert Mayo Prof. Finance Ph.D., Rutgers U He has published on topics of investment and basic finance.
John McCarty Assoc. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., U of Illinois Marketing Communications/Advertising; Consumer Behavior; Marketing Analysis; Database Marketing He was formerly a Research Associate in the Marketing Services Department of the advertising agency DDB Needham Chicago. He had consumer research responsibilities for a variety of clients, including Clorox, Household Bank, General Mills, and Shasta Beverages
Kevin Michels Assoc. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business J.D. Rutgers Law School Business law and ethics Serves as the Founding Director for the Center for Innovation and Ethics. His article, “Third-Party Negligence Claims Against Counsel: A Proposed Unified Liability Standard,” appears in the 2009 volume of the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics.
Gerald Miller Prof. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., U of Kentucky Governmental accounting and accounting education His work experience includes five years in private sector accounting and 10 years in government auditing
Donka Mirtcheva Assoc. Economics Ph.D., U of Illinois at Chicago Health behavioral economics, economics of religion She has published and presented on such topics as: religion and child health, and the national school lunch program.
Susanna Monseau Prof. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Guildford Law School, Guildford, UK; University of Exeter, Exeter, UK, LLB Regulation, policies and new business models related to advances in technology and communications, Developments in intellectual property and privacy law relating to the internet and new technologies, International aspects of copyright and industrial design Areas of specialization: Legal issues relating to the globalization of the world economy and the use of technology, particularly questions of law and policy raised by recent developments in the world economy including the growth of the Internet.
Michele Naples Assoc. Economics Ph.D., U of Mass at Amherst The Impact of Financialization on Income Inequality; The Theory of Strategic Competition, based on constant-cost models, and its implications for labor markets and cyclical fluctuations; Economic Contributions to Elder Abuse Her areas of specialization are: macroeconomics; history of economic thought; gender, labor economics.
Joao Neves Prof. Management Ph.D., Wharton School, U Penn Faculty Advisor to Beta Gamma Sigma, the honor society for colleges accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).
Hossein Nouri Prof. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., Temple U Behavorial accounting; meta analysis; pedagogical research His area of specialization is: managerial accounting auditing. He holds certifications as a Public Accountant, Fraud Examiner, and Financial Services Auditor.
Trevor O'Grady Assist. Economics PhD University of California, Santa Barbara; Postdoc Harvard University Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Public Goods, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics, Economic History Visiting Researcher: Copenhagen Business School (2011). Professional Affiliations: AEA, AERE.
Thomas Patrick Prof. Finance Ph.D., U of Kentucky Finding the determinants of a privately held firm’s market value His area of specialization is: business valuation. He serves as the faculty advisor to the Financial Management Association and the Financial Management Association National Honor Society.
Alfred Pelham Prof. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., Penn State The impact of consulting oriented sales management programs on selling firm performance After service as an Army officer, he began his marketing career in the Advertising Dept. of Procter and Gamble. He moved into product management at R.T. French and then Pet Inc., where he was promoted to Vice-President of Marketing
David Prensky Assoc. Management Ph.D., U of Chicago Organizations and organizational research, where he focused on nonprofit organizations and public policy issues He is currently leading The College’s effort to create a comprehensive leadership development program for students from across the campus. From 2004 to 2007, he was the founding Director of the Bonner Center for Civic and Community Engagement at TCNJ
Subarna Samanta Prof. Economics Ph.D., Southern Methodist U Applied econometric analysis He serves as Faculty Advisor to Omicron Delta Epsilon, the International Honor Society in Economics. He has published and presented extensively on such topics as: foreign investment, corruption, forecasting, exchange rates/ foreign exchange markets, etc
Abdus Shahid Prof. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., Temple U Positive accounting theory; accounting education issues His area of specialization is financial accounting. He serves as Faculty Advisor to the Institute of Management Accounting, Student Chapter (IMASC).
Nonna Sorokina Assist. Finance Ph.D., Kent State University Dr. Sorokina’s research agenda incorporates a multitude of finance and quantitative topics including capital structure, financial regulation, financial crises, derivatives, and market liquidity; robust regressions; change point analysis; forecasting model Dr. Sorokina regularly publishes her work and speaks at academic conferences and research seminars. She is affiliated with the American Finance Association (AFA), Financial Management Association (FMA), European Finance Association (EFA), etc.
Kim Tae-Nyun
Linghui (Lynn) Tang Prof. Economics Ph.D. Syracuse University FDI and multinational firms, Cultural dynamics and management, Information technology, Entrepreneurship and innovations, Economic development in Asia, cross-cultural management and marketing, FDI, and entrepreneurship. She was the Project Director of the Business and International Education grant from US Department of Education between 2009-2012.
Abhishek Tripathi Assist. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Omaha Research interests include: Crowdsourcing and Complex Problem Solving, User perspectives on Online Banking Systems, Sustainability on Technology Usage in Education sector, and Global IT Leadership and High Performance Team. Has expertise in: Business Analytics and Data Mining, Database Management System, Crowdsourcing and Collective Intelligence, Open Source Software Development, Software Project Management and Engineering, Virtual Project Management.
Louis Tucci Assoc. Marketing Interdisciplinary Business Ph.D., Temple U Services marketing, food products marketing, personal selling and marketing research; A study of the attributes associated with perceiving a food product as nutritious; A study of the determinants of effective price guarantees offered by retailers He has published in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Business Journal, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of Food Products Marketing, Management International Review, The International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management
Donald Vandegrift Prof. Economics Ph.D., U of Connecticut Economics of the firm; Economics and law; behavioral economics; microeconomic policy issues He serves as Faculty Advisor to the Economics Club. He has published extensively on tax bases, tournament competition, obesity rates, etc.
Patricia Wallace Prof. Accounting Information Systems Ph.D., Penn State Information systems; work teams She serves as Faculty Advisor to Phi Beta Lambda – the Future Business Leaders of America. She has published extensively on such topics as team environments, team-based learning, computer literacy skills/information technology, etc.
Alberto Carbonilla Instructor Management