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OGSR Announcements

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Research has gone live with OneAegis, our new pre-award management platform. (As you may know, in concert with the IRB, iMedris was replaced with OneAegis.) See the OneAegis icon on the TCNJ Ribbon! Also, see the OneAegis Grant User guide, steps included below for your quick reference.
Not much will change in the short term. There’s an FYI stage and a Routing for Approval stage, leading to your project being cleared for submission.
FYI Stage:
1) You’ll let someone on the pre-award side know of your interest in applying to a grant or fellowship. That could include the OGSR Team (Cathy Virecci, Heather Mayen, or Amy Cuhel-Schuckers), Jen Aleman (for School of Science), Jennifer Kosakowski (for CFR), or our other partners. (Do this AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE, please.)
2) That person will log into OneAegis using their institutional credentials, and using the information you apply, they will create an advisory FYI Intent to Submit form.*
3) You, as PI, will then get an email with an embedded link to OneAegis. You can then update or correct any information in the form. Then, you would approve the form.
4) Once you approve the form (step 3), then this Intent to Submit form will be distributed to your chair and dean (or the next two supervisory levels above you) as an FYI. (This person has no action at the FYI stage.)
Routing for Approval Stage:
5) OGSR has an internal compliance approval stage. Once that has been completed, you, as PI, will get a link to the Routing Form that you can populate when ready to submit the budget and abstract (step 6 below).
6) When you’ve developed a budget and abstract and are closer to submission  (5-7 business days in advance of deadline), you will a) log into OneAegis (or can use the earlier link provided after the OGSR review stage), then, you would b) add your budget and abstract. Once satisfied, you would click “Submit”.
7) Your approvers will then receive an email from OneAegis requiring action. Approve, or Return for More Information.
Cleared for Submission
8) Once the approvers have completed their end, you’ll receive another email from OneAegis indicating your project has been approved to submit.
9) Along the way, you would have scheduled a “Submission Meeting” with someone from the OGSR staff. You’d work with the OGSR team to submit.
Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Heather Mayen, Cathy Virecci, or Amy Cuhel-Schuckers.