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Funding Sources

FAQs about Finding Funding


National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is a federal funding agency with various grant opportunities “to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense…” The agency funds projects for various fields of fundamental science and engineering. For more information on NSF: Click Here



National Institutes of Health Office of Extramural Research

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is part of the US Department of Health & Human sciences. This agency provides funding for biomedical research projects for scientists, physicians, and all others experienced in biomedical research. For more information on NIH funding: Click Here



US Department of Education

The US Department of Education is a government agency that provides grants for both student loans and projects that focus on enhancing education. The department funds projects that represent its mission, “to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.” For more information on the US Department of Education’s funding: Click Here



US Department of Transportation

The US Department of Transportation is a government agency involved in funding projects that enhance the country’s transportation systems. For more information on US Department of Transportation grants: Click Here


US Department of Health& Human Services

US Department of Health and Human Services provides federal funding for research, training, and other various services. The funding goes to programs for health and social sciences. For more information on the US Department of Health and Human Services grant opportunities: Click Here



NJ Council for the Humanities

The NJ Council for the Humanities is an organization that provides grants to support and enhance public humanities. The NJCH supports various projects including legal, political, philosophical, and historical programs, especially those focused on justice in the community. For more information on the NJ Council for the Humanities grants: Click Here


NJ State Council on the Arts

NJSCA is a government agency that funds projects to “help art flourish” in New Jersey. The agency provides grants for artists, art programs, and other visual and performing art projects around the state. For more information on NJSCA funding: Click Here


National Aeronautics and Space Agency

National Aeronautics and Space Agency provides educational workshops and opportunities to members of higher education. The agency also funds research projects involved with science and aeronautics. For more information on NASA grants and workshops: Click Here

grants-gov-logo is a search tool for anyone seeking funding from third party sources. The website offers numerous grants along with the ability to filter them so only those applicable to the user are visible. To start searching for grants from this website: Click Here


Mercer County Culture and Heritage Commission

The Mercer County Culture and Heritage Commission is dedicated to funding local programs for history and art. The MCCHC works with the NJ State Council on the Arts to fund programs that help grow and support art in the community. The commission also partners with the NJ Historical Commission/Department of State to provide grants for historical programs and outreach. For more information about the MCCHC funding: Art Funding and History Funding


Surdna Foundation

The Surdna Foundation is an organization funds many different projects focused on the community. These programs and projects involve environment sustainability, local economies, and culture. For more information on grants from the Surdna Foundation: Click Here


Wells Fargo Foundation

Wells Fargo dedicates finances to support development within the community, education, and human resources. This foundation has given out grants to a number of environmental organizations, schools and educational programs, and projects supporting economic development. For more information on Wells Fargo Foundation’s grants: Click Here


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provides funds for programs that help improve the U.S. health care. The projects include evaluations, demonstrations, public education, service activities, and training programs for health care. For more information on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation health care grants: Click Here


Research Corporation for Science Advancement

This corporation has three main subdivisions that award grant money to researchers. Scialog is a division that funds research on global breakthroughs. Cottrell Scholar Awards and Cottrell College Science Awards provide money to faculty and students doing research in the field of science at college and universities. For more information on the Research Corporation for Science Advancement: Click Here