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School of Education

Name Faculty Level/ Title Primary Dept Highest Degree(s) Research/ Interests Other Information
Louise Ammentorp Assist. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., Rutgers University Best practices in teacher preparation; Developing field-based collaboration skills in pre-service teachers; Teaching and learning through the arts; Facilitating the development of life-long learners; Teaching for social justice; etc.
Helene Anthony Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Michigan State University Literacy instruction; strategies for effective inclusion of students with disabilities Serves as Undergraduate Co-Coordinator. Received a Key Award from the Trenton Public Education Foundation for implementing an after-school tutoring program at Stokes Elementary School with TCNJ special education majors serving as tutors; etc.
Marissa Bellino Assist. Ed Admin Sec Education
James Beyers Assist. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., University of Delaware Teacher Candidates Mathematical Dispositions; How Teacher Candidates’ Mathematical Dispositions are Related to Learning Mathematics; How Teacher Candidates’ Mathematical Dispositions are Related to Teaching Mathematics; etc. Serves as Co-Director of the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship program at TCNJ.
Lynn Booth Assist. P-T Ed Admin Sec Education Professional Development Programs
Greer Burroughts Assist. Elementary Early Childhoo Ed.D., Rutgers Graduate School of Education Research interests include: Education for democratic citizenship, Performance-based assessment, Literacy infusion in social studies, Peace education, and Best practices in teacher education. Professional affiliations include: National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA), Human Rights Educators (HRE USA NJ), Collegiate Alliance for Social Education (CASE), etc.
David Bwire Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Ohio State University Research interests include: Transcultural literacy practices; digital literacies and multimodal pedagogy in K-12 classrooms; new literacy studies; discourse analysis; ethnography of communication and qualitative research methods; collaborative and online Articles published in Journal of Transformative Education, Bread Loaf Teacher Network Journal, and African Journal of Teacher Education; Book reviews published in Journal of Language, Identity and Education, Journal of Social Sciences Research, etc.
Stuart Carroll Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., Syracuse U Inclusion in post-secondary education; Pre-service teacher literacy and world knowledge; Elementary teacher education; International education
Marion Cavallaro Assoc. Counselor Education Ph.D. - Ohio State University Curriculum strategies in teaching career counseling and counseling theory, Career counseling needs of diverse populations, Clinical supervision strategies, Counselor education faculty development She serves as the Clinical Mental Health Program Coordinator.
Maureen Connolly Assist. Ed Admin Sec Education Ed.D. Instr. Ldrshp, St. John's U. Service learning, literacy standards and assessment, and mentoring. Serves as the interim MAT Coordinator.
Anthony Conte Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ed.D., Penn State Systemic initiatives addressing the integration of Mathematics, Science & Technology in the elementary classroom; Urban education with a concentration on narrowing the achievement gap among students He coordinates student teaching for undergraduates and graduates. He supervises Global Student Teachers in Manchester, England; Botswana, Africa; Zagreb, Croatia; Trieste, Italy; Udine, Italy; Paris, France; and Zurich, Switzerland.
Jonathan David Assist. Ed Admin Sec Education
Jonathan Davis Ed Admin Sec Education
Amy Dell Prof. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., U of Rochester Assistive technology for children and adults with disabilities; effective strategies for teaching teachers how to integrate assistive technology into their classrooms She serves as Graduate Coordinator and Director of TCNJ’s Center on Assistive Technology and Inclusive Education Studies (CATIES); author (with D. Newton & J. Petroff), Assistive Technology in the Classroom
Tabitha Dell-Angelo Assist. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., U Penn Social Justice in the Classroom; Cultural Identity Development; Teacher Research; Improvisational Acting/Theatre of the Oppressed; Yoga 4 Classrooms She serves as the Urban Education Coordinator
Sarah Domire Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D. in Special Education from Penn State University; M.Ed. in Urban Education from Mercy College Video-based instruction, academic and behavioral interventions for students with autism spectrum disorders and severe disabilities, augmentative and alternative communication, and teacher preparation. Published work in Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities, Conference presentations at the International Council for Exceptional Children Conference (CEC), The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps Conference (TASH), etc.
Jody Eberly Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ed.D., Rutgers Teacher Dispositions Toward Diversity; Culturally Responsive Home-School Relationships; Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education; Shared Supervision Practices within the Professional Development School
Sandy Gibson Assoc. Counselor Education Ph.D. - U. of Maryland Substance abuse, addiction, and criminal offender behaviors, Counseling women, Group counseling strategies, Youth-based prevention services, Program development, research and evaluation She serves as the Clinical Coordinator.
Brian Girard Assoc. Ed Admin Sec Education Ph.D. Ed Fdns & Policy, U. of Michigan Social studies and history teaching and teacher education; decision-making and planning in world history classrooms; disciplinary literacy in history; classroom community development; multicultural teaching practices. Serves as a Secondary Education Coordinator (undergraduate).
Karen Gordon Assist. Ed Admin Sec Education Teachers College, Columbia University – Doctoral Studies, Educating Professions
Yale University – M.Ph., Health Administration and Health Education
Academic interests include the intersection and impact of health and academic experiences for adolescents and young adults, professional preparation, multicultural teaching and learning environments. In addition to teaching a variety of courses in the EASE department, she teaches in the TCNJ graduate global programs in Bangkok and Caracas , as well as a course in comparative public health in the TCNJ Department of Sociology and Anthropology.
Karen Gordon Assist. Ed Admin Sec Education Doctoral Studies, Teachers College of Columbia U; MPH, Yale U. The intersection and impact of health and academic experiences for adolescents and young adults, professional preparation, multicultural teaching and learning environments Part-time faculty member. In addition to teaching a variety of courses in the EASE department, she teaches in the TCNJ graduate global programs in Bangkok and Caracas , as well as a course in comparative public health in the TCNJ Department of Sociology
Colette Gosselin Ed Admin Sec Education Ed.D., Philosophical Fdns of Ed, Rutgers U. Serves as a Secondary Education Coordinator (undergraduate).
Matthew Hall Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., New York University Multimodal composing practices; creativity in literacy practices; new and digital literacies in K-12 classrooms He serves as the Reading Coordiantor. He has had articles published in The Reading Teacher and Literacy; Conference presentations at the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the International Reading Association (IRA), etc.
Eileen Heddy Instr. Elementary Early Childhood M.A., Rutgers
Blythe Hinitz Prof. Elementary Early Childhood Doctorate, Temple University History of Education/ History of Early Childhood Education; Anti-HIBT [Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying and Teasing]; Peace Education; Holocaust Education; Social Studies Education; Multicultural/ Tolerance Education, etc. She was identified as a Distinguished Professor,
Arti Joshi Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., Syracuse U Working with Asian Indian families /teachers; Home-school relations; Cultural diversity in the context of school settings (pre-K- Elementary); Multiculturalism in the context of teacher preparation; Partnership with Professional Development Schools
MinSoo Kim-Bossard Assist. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D. Penn State, Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood Education, Comparative and International Education Research combines the fields of educational anthropology, reconceptualist scholarship in early childhood education, and studio-based pedagogical practices borrowed from art education. Professional Affiliations: Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education, American Educational Research Association, American Anthropological Association, Comparative and International Education Society
Donald Leake Ed Admin Sec Education Ph.D., Ed Ldrshp, Ohio State U. Teacher/principal evaluation, effective urban schools, organizational change Serves as the Coordinator for Educational Leadership.
Brenda Leake Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., Ohio State University Social justice and empowerment through education; policits of schooling and education; urban education and national & global contexts; empowerment of teachers and learners She coordinates the Masters of Arts in Elementary Teaching program, and the TCNJ-Johannesburg, South Africa Graduate programs.
Solange Lopes-Murphy Assoc. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D. Cultural competence, designing educational experiences that develop cultural competence, and best practices in preparing teachers to teach second language learners She spent two months in China in 2010 on a Fulbright-Hays Summer Program; presented papers at conferences in Argentina, Brazil, England, Mexico, Chile, and Peru, and has developed intercultural practicum and instructional experiences for college students
Lauren Madden Assist. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., North Carolina State U Using interactive science notebooks; benefits of scientist-educator collaboration; pre-service teachers' perspectives on the importance of STEM education; effective pairing of pre-service teachers in field placements
Lynnette Mawhinney Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., Temple U Professional lives of urban teachers; educational life histories of African-American pre-service teachers; formally incarcerated adults and early school leavers; conflict resolution education and social/emotional learning; auto ethnography; diversifying the teaching field; teacher education at Minority-Serving Institutions She is a Master Trainer in Conflict Resolution and is trained in Basic Mediation.
Linda Mayger Assist. Ed Admin Sec Education Ed.D., Lehigh U quantitative and mixed methods; social capital and academic achievement among K-12 students; cumulative risk exposure and post secondary degree completion; distributed leadership; applications of school law and policy
Ruth Palmer Assoc. Ed Admin Sec Education Ph.D., Ed Psych, Howard U. Professional preparation of pre-service teachers
Alex Pan Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D. U of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana Teacher development and supervision; the effects of globalization; multicultural awareness; emotional intelligence; critical thinking vs. creative thinking; comparative studies of the eastern and western cultures; global education; etc.
Nadya Pancsofar Assoc. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Children’s language development; influence of family on language development; collaborative relationships in classroom communities She serves as an Undergraduate Co-Coordinator. She has had articles published in Teacher Education and Special Education(2013), Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology (2013, 2008, 2006), Early Childhood Research Quarterly (2010, 2008).
Jeff Passe Dean Dean Ph.D., U. of Florida Middle school education, sustainability education; current events instruction, curriculum integration, and the marginalization of citizenship education He served as President of the National Council for the Social Studies as well as president of state social studies councils in West Virginia and Maryland. His books include Elementary School Curriculum and When Students Choose Content
Anne Peel Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ed.D., Rutgers U Understanding writing engagement and disengagement among adolescent students; how engagement influences learning outcomes She holds certification in Secondary English; taught English for 14 years
Jerry Petroff Prof. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Temple U Supporting individuals who are deaf:blind; transition to post:secondary life for students with severe disabilities; early communication and family life of students with complex sensory disabilities Has co-authored (with A. Dell & D. Newton), Assistive Technology in the Classroom: Enhancing the School Experiences of Students with Disabilities – 2ndEdition (2012), Pearson. Director, Center on Complex Sensory Disabilities; Principal Investigator
Melanie Phillips Assist. P-T Special Education/Lang/Lit
Karen Prince Assist. Elementary Early Childhood Ed.D., Temple U Integrating Curriculum and Inclusion of Children’s Literature in Elementary and Early Childhood Teaching; Thematic Instruction; Children’s Literature (particularly multicultural literature; family themes; peace as a central theme); Art History and Integration
Shridevi Rao Assoc. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Syracuse U Cultural constructions of disability, inclusive education, positive behavior supports; teacher candidate resistance to dominant constructions of disability She has conducted several ethnographic studies and authored articles on families’, teachers’, and teacher candidates’ constructions of disability; has had articles published in International Journal of Inclusive Education and Disability and Society
Lina Richardson Assist. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., Temple University Research interests include: Educational experiences of students in urban schools, Professional development of pre- and in-service urban school teachers, Teaching and learning of African American history, Best practices for teaching African American history
Stuart Roe Assist. Counselor Education Ph.D. - Penn State U. Supervision and evaluation of school counselors, providing social support for gay, lesbian and bisexual students, the experiences of English language learners in public school settings He serves as the School Counseling Program Coordinator. He has a variety of experiences within educational settings including teaching at the college level, teaching in high schools, administering a family literacy program, teaching GED classes, etc.
Jill Schwarz Assist. Counselor Education Ph.D. - Montclair State U. Gender Issues in Counseling, Spirituality in Counseling, Animal-assisted Therapy, School Counseling Preparation and Practice She has certification as an elementary school teacher and school counselor. She is the director of School Counseling Services in New Jersey, and is a National Certified Counselor.
Atsuko Seto Assoc. Counselor Education Ph.D. - U. of Wyoming Creativity in counseling and counselor preparation, counseling with intercultural couples, multiracial children, and immigrant families, fostering resiliency of Asian /Asian American families; resiliency among immigrant families and cross-national couples Her experiences drew her into learning about immigrant families from Asia, particularly assisting them with fostering resiliency to cope with varying degrees of acculturative stressors.
Lauren Shallish Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Syracuse University, Cultural Foundations of Education; M.S. and C.A.S., Syracuse University, Disability Studies Disability studies; diversity work; higher education; qualitative research methods; social justice education Shallish is currently a diversity scholar for the National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID). Her work has appeared in Disability Studies Quarterly, the IGI Global Handbook of Research on Study Abroad Programs, etc.
Lisa Silver Assist. Elementary Early Childhood
Steven Singer Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Syracuse University Research interests include: Deaf studies, Deaf education, disability studies, transition to adulthood, qualitative research methods, and disability identity development. Steve is a Teacher of the Deaf and a Family and Consumer Sciences Educator. Steve has worked as a qualitative research assistant at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, an assistant at the New York parent advocacy center, etc.
Lynn Smith Assist. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., City University of NY Speech perception of children who are hard of hearing, specifically the segments of speech signals that are particularly difficult for these children to perceive She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology from the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association; worked as an otolaryngologist in private practice as well as in a hospital setting; served as chair of TCNJ’s Institutional Review Board
Barbara Strassman Prof. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ed.D., Columbia U Technology and writing instruction She serves as the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education Coordinator. She holds Certifications as Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Reading Specialist, Teacher of Reading, and Principal/Supervisor. Publications in American Annals of the Deaf
Deborah Thompson Assoc. Elementary Early Childhood Ph.D., Ohio State University Cultural variants of folk and fairy tales; use of multicultural children's literature in elementary classrooms; use of non-fiction/informational test in elementary classrooms
Jean Wong Assoc. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., UCLA How conversation analysis (CA) may be used as a resource for understanding language-in-use particularly in first and second language interaction; the intersection between CA and second language pedagogy, which includes raising second/foreign language teachers She has co-authored (with Dr. Hansun Waring) a book that provides an introduction to conversation analysis geared
Mark Woodford Prof. Counselor Education Ph.D. - U. of Virginia Home-based family services, Adolescent and young adult substance abuse prevention and early intervention, Recovering college students, Male-specific substance abuse and addiction counseling; substance abuse and family counseling with a specific emphasis o He is the Family Program Coordinator. He is a licensed professional counselor, a master addiction counselor, and a national certified counselor, and has worked in community-, family-, and school-based prevention and early intervention programs
Yiqiang Wu Assoc. Special Education/Lang/Lit Ph.D., Texas A&M University Trouble spots in second language learning; vocabulary building techniques; and learning efficiency He serves as the TESL Coordinator.