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School of Engineering

Name Faculty Level/ Title Primary Dept Highest Degree(s) Research/ Interests Other Information
Ambrose Adegbege Assist. Electrical Computer Ph.D., U. of Manchester Constrained control, robust control, antiwindup design and control optimization
Nabil Al-Omaishi Assoc. Civil Ph.D., U. of Nebraska, Lincoln Structural engineering
Andrew Bechtel Assist. Civil Ph.D., Georgia Inst. of Technology Engineering mechanics, structural engineering
Thomas Brennan Assist. Civil Ph.D., Purdue U. Transportation engineering
Brett BuSha Assoc. Biomedical Ph.D., Rutgers U. & UMDNJ Control of the respiratory and cardiovascular function, stochastic models of respiratory function, fractal and wavelet analysis of physiological signals, and the design, development and production of technologies that assist or enhance human performance Prior to his appointment at TCNJ, he gained practical business and design experience as a biomedical engineer. Following his postdoctoral fellowship he worked for: a venture capital-funded company that developed computational models of protein pathways
Matthew Cathell Assist. Tech Studies Ph.D., Material Science & Eng., Drexel U. Material Engineering, Natural Polymers, Nanofibrous Materials, and Heavy Metal Remediation

He is experienced in teaching STEM at the K-12 levels. Cathell was both an active mentor and teacher at Drexel University winning the Drexel U. Teaching Assistant Excellence Award in 2005. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, AAAS, etc.
Anthony Deese Assist. Electrical Computer Ph.D., Drexel U. Power systems and renewable energy Before joining TCNJ, he spent two years as a postdoctoral research fellow and adjunct assistant professor at Drexel's Center for Electric Power Engineering (CEPE). He has significant experience teaching undergraduate as well as graduate courses
George Facas Prof. Mechanical Ph.D., Drexel U. Computational modeling of fluid flow, heat transfer, natural convection in cavities, and fluid flow and heat transfer in porous media Following his Ph.D. graduation, he joined the General Electric Co, Astro-Space Division in West Windsor NJ as a member of the technical staff where he worked on many classified projects. Other responsibilities included writing computer software for lasers
Manuel Figueroa Assist. Tech Studies Ph.D., Biomedical Eng., Drexel U. Engineering education. Nanoscience, specifically developing Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) nanoparticle substrates for detection of biological molecules.
Lisa Grega Assoc. Mechanical Ph.D., Rutgers U. Experimental fluid mechanics, turbulent flows
Connie Hall Assoc. Biomedical Ph.D., U. of Memphis The importance of fluid dynamics and mass transport in the modulation of thrombosis has been studied by biomedical engineers, hematologists and basic scientists since the early 1970s. My research builds on the extensive body of knowledge in the area
Orlando Hernandez Assoc. Electrical Computer Ph.D., Southern Methodist U. Image processing, computer vision, computer and VLSI architectures, and digital signal processing He has experience with certifications and reviews of academic programs at a national and international levels; curriculum development; with academic leadership. He has served as a Certified ABET Program Evaluator for the Engineering Accreditation Commission
Mike Horst Assoc. Civil Ph.D. Penn State U. Water resources, hydrology, environmental engineering; applied water resources engineering. Specifically my focus is on open channel flow hydraulics (bridge and culvert analysis, bridge scour, and sediment transport), storm water management Serves as the faculty advisor to the TCNJ Humanitarian Engineering student group (formerly, Engineers without Borders). Wide range of personal interests in music, martial arts, philosophy, chess, poker, etc.
Tanner Huffman Assist. Tech Studies Ph.D., Purdue University Technology education
Allen Katz Prof. Electrical Computer D.Sc., NJIT Communications Systems, Electromagnetics, RF and Microwave, Millimeter-waves and Photonics with focus on distortion reduction of power amplifiers He provides engineering consulting services to a number of companies primarily in support of the development of microwave and satellite communications hardware. He is a Fellow of IEEE.
Seung-yun Kim Assist. Electrical Computer Ph.D., U. of Dayton Collaborative and human centered computing and Petri-net modeling and simulation He serves as the First-Year Coordinator for the School of Engineering and the Director of the Collaborative Robotics and Intelligence Systems (CRoIS) Lab.
Vedrana Krstic Assoc. Civil Ph.D., Rutgers U. Geotechnical engineering, civil engineering materials; durability of reinforced concrete structures and application of non-destructive testing in geotechnical engineering, with particular emphasis on the application of SASW (Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves) Courses in consideration: pavement engineering.
Anthony Lau Assist. Biomedical Ph.D., U of Virginia Musculoskeletal and Injury Biomechanics Using a Multi-length Scale Approach Involving Biomechanical Experimentation, Quantitative Medical Image Processing, and Computational Modeling
Steve O'Brien Assoc. Tech Studies Ph.D., Electrical Eng., Cornell U. Efficacy of TCNJ’s unique elementary education Math/Science/Technology (M/S/T) program. The M/S/T program is a comprehensive integrative-STEM teacher preparation program, started in 1998 at TCNJ, making it likely the oldest integrative-STEM teacher program His career in industry included positions at AT&T Bell Laboratories, SDL, Inc., Lucent Technologies and T-Networks, a company he co-founded in 2000. His work in industry was primarily in the area of optoelectronic devices, specializing in high power
Manish Paliwal Assoc. Mechanical Ph.D., Southern Illinois U. at Carbondale Biomechanics, engineering mechanics
Larry Pearlstein Assoc. Electrical Computer Ph.D., Princeton U. Digital television, video processing, video compression, digital chip design, deep learning and convolutional neural networks. Served as the Chairman of the ATSC Video Specialists Group that created the standard adopted by the FCC for digital television in the US. Involved in two startups, including as VP Engineering for BioAutomation, which developed technology for DNA sequencing.
Steve Schreiner Dean Electrical Computer Ph.D., Vanderbilt Engineering Education, Medical Instrumentation, Image-Guided Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Medical Imaging, Medical Signal and Image Processing, and Ultrasound
Bijan Sepahpour Prof. Mechanical Degree of Engineer, NJIT Mechanisms, mechanical design
Ching-Tai Shih Assist. Mechanical Ph.D., U. of Texas at Arlington Operations Research
Christopher Wagner Assoc. Biomedical Ph.D., Rice U. Tissue Engineering, Extracellular Matrix Biomaterials, Medical Device Design
Yunfeng (Jennifer) Wang Prof. Mechanical Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U. Advanced manufacturing, robotics
Xuefeng Wei Assist. Biomedical Ph.D., Duke U. Neural Engineering, Neural Prosthetics, Computational Neuroscience
Karen Chang Yan Assoc. Mechanical Ph.D., Drexel U. Biomaterials, engineering materials
Jamie Kennedy Assist. Tech Studies Ph.D., Drexel U