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  • Dr. Anthony Deese

    Dr. Anthony Deese's Smart Power Distribution System Curriculum - A prject designed to educate students in the operation and planning of smart electric power distribution systems

  • Dr. Thomas Brennan's Characterizing Highway Corridor Length to Evaluate Travel Time Reliability - A study on congested commuter routes along I-80 in New Jersey

  • Dr. Hutton's "Art Amgonst War: Visual Culture in Afghanistan, 1979-2014"- An art gallery and leture series looking at the art of Afghanistan

  • Dr. Celia Chazelle

    Dr. Celia Chazelle's Albert C. Wagner Youth Correctional Facility College in Prison Program-Where students have the oppportunity to tutor and take class with inmates, to help reduce the rate of recidivism


To facilitate an institution-wide environment of excellence that fosters learning, scholarship, engagement, innovation, and health through the pursuit of external funding.


To inspire the campus community regarding external grants by providing direct support of fund-seeking and facilitate the management of funded activities to enhance research and learning.


  • Advance a culture of grantsmanship at The College of New Jersey
  • Maintain a proactive and responsive Office of Grants and Sponsored Research
  • Increase positive external awareness of The College of New Jersey


  • Establish and/or enhance relationships with external partners
  • Enhance faculty/staff engagement in grant seeking and grant management
  • Establish and/or enhance relationships between internal interdisciplinary collaborators
  • Review on a regular basis, and refine as necessary, current pre- and post-award management processes
  • Implement and re-evaluate as needed policies and procedures that foster a grant compliant institution
  • Develop strategic initiatives that support academic excellence and interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Facilitate the identification and creation of revenue generating and revenue enhancement opportunities
  • Assess the operations and services of the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research to inform strategic direction and growth