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External funds are awarded to the institution (either TCNJ or the TCNJ Foundation) and not to individuals. Only the Board of Trustees and the TCNJ Foundation Board have the legal authority to apply for and accept grants, contracts, and agreements on behalf of the College. This authority is delegated to the President, who may further delegate that authority to the Provost, the Vice Provost, the Vice President for Advancement, and the Treasurer. The individuals serving in those roles may sign grants and grant-related contracts as officially designated institutional signatories. The TCNJ President may, at his/her discretion, delegate signatory authority to other officials on a temporary or permanent basis. Official signatures may be secured only after the documents have been approved through the College’s official external funding proposal approval system, eGrants.


In order to provide easily accessible funding information for faculty and staff at TCNJ, the College has obtained a membership subscription to InfoEd’s SPINPlus. This system provides effective support for developing sponsored programs. For more information on the individual pieces of the SPINPlus system please visit the FAQ Section.

Sign-Up Procedures  

  • Go to the InfoEd Global website.
  • Click on GENIUS at the top of the screen in the CLIENT LOGIN TO menu. (SPIN is also available at that menu)
  • Click Create a New Profile.
  • Select The College of New Jersey from the drop down menu, and click SELECT.
  • Complete the requested entries from name to password and click SUBMIT.
  • A profile summary page will appear.
  • A partial profile of basic user information can be completed initially, with additional information added at a later date. Social security number is not required, but may be included at the user’s option.
  • Initially, at least 8-12 keywords should be chosen. These keywords may be revised later.
  • Upon completion of information entry, click save, and then log out.
  • Within 2 days of submission the profile will be validated and e-mail notices will begin the next day.
  • Once registered, a user is free to revise the personal information and search for funding opportunities directly through SPINPlus on any computer.
  • For more information on how to use the SPIN program: Click Here
  • For other step by step SPIN tutorials go to SPIN, and click Training Videos next to the Sign In button.

Within 2 days of submission, the profile will be validated and e-mail notices will begin the next day.